You’re either one of us or you’re not
Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka

You’re either one of us or you’re not


What are your TRUE desires?

What are your real goals and dreams?

Not the pussy half-assed ones that are watered down and small because you’re afraid to go big.

What ARE your TRUE desires?

Can you even answer that?

If not, then I strongly suggest that you stop whatever it is that you are doing right now and figure it out.

Sit down with a pen and write that shit out.

The real goals. The real desires. The stuff that gets you excited and also scares the shit out of you because they are so big.

Then… THEN…

You take action.

You take a step toward those goals, dreams, desires.

And you DON’T STOP.

You keep going. You stay the course. You do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there. You do the damn work.

Because if you’re not doing the work or you’re not going after those real, true and big scary exciting desires, then you are tip-toeing around the edges of success and will never cross the line to this side.

You’re either all in or you’re not.

You’re either one of us or you’re not.

Do you want to live your life in the shadows, not really ever satisfied with how things are going or how things are turning out?

Because if you don’t go all in or if don’t even know what those TRUE desires even are, you will never ever be satisfied and you won’t be happy.

You will live a life that may seem great on the surface, but on the inside your soul is slowly dying.

Sit down and figure the fuck out of what it is you want.

What are your life desires, your business desires, your goals, your dreams in all areas of your life.  Not just one or two.

You are a whole person and you need to tend to all aspects and go ALL IN on all of them.

I’ve been a bit full of shit myself with this one because I have these huge awesome scary as fuck dreams and I am all in, but I have completely neglected my fitness and health. Sure I am healthy, but when it comes to exercise, the closest I come to that is thinking about it really.

I am lazy as fuck.

But that stops now. Because I am ALL IN.  Because I see what I want and I am taking non negotiable action in ALL areas.

And guess what?

Everything that I now do, all the action and steps that I take toward my goals and dreams and desires LIGHTS ME THE FUCK UP!

I am excited to hop out of bed and do my thing. My days are perfectly filled up with what I WANT TO DO and I love my life! ALL areas of my life.

Can you say the same?  Honestly?

If you can, then perhaps you are indeed one of us.

One of the unstoppable.

One of the few that go all the way fucking in every day no  matter how scary it is or whatever BS is going on in your head.

You do it anyway.

You DECIDE that you will stay the course, give it your all and you take whatever step or action that you need to take.

So, the question is…. ARE YOU ONE OF US?





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