Your next RED HOT OFFER is right here!
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Your next RED HOT OFFER is right here!


I have exciting news!! 😲
My FREE 3 Day Challenge is finally here! YESSSS! 🔥

As a result of the amazingness that came out of my HOT SEAT group coaching events AND, what seems to be the most immediate need of biz ladies that I talk to and coach and mentor….

I was going to create and sell a mini course on how to come up with a ‘hell yes’ offer for your business.

Well, I have decided to turn it into a FREE challenge!
Yes – FREE! 🎉✨ hooray!

I hear all the time how so many of us entrepreneurs get stuck in the bubble of work but have no idea what to do next to:

⚡grow your business
🤹bring in more clients
❣️create more brand recognition
💰and generate more income…

There are many ways of course to do this, but you can only network so much, you can only throw so much money at FB ads, you can only download so many freebies (that do nothing for you but make you feel a bit more lost or down because you’re not killing it like these self proclaimed millionaires)…

You need a kick ass strategy that will grow you email list, bring in new clients and make you more sales!

Am I right?

So… I bring you the FREE 3 Day
🔥 RED HOT OFFERS 🔥 Challenge! ~ Starts Wed 14 Nov.

I will make it super easy for you to learn how to create ‘hell yes no-brainer’ offers that people can’t say no to!

I will show you how to know EXACTLY what your target market and dream clients actually want and need.

You will learn how to come up with ideas like a machine!

I will teach you how to craft and create the perfect offer and how to write it and price it so you can reel them in hook line and sinker!

OOOH I am so freaking excited to do this challenge with YOU!

You have no idea!!! I want you all to be so damn successful that your heads spin with fabulousness of it all!
hahahaha – excited much 🤩🤩

The challenge will start on Wed. November 14th and go for 3 days.

It will all happen in the Facebook group where I will be going live each day and teaching you how to come up with your RED HOT OFFER! I will be giving you some resources and of course, the energy of a group challenge is PRICELESS! You will also receive daily emails as well through the challenge.

Click the link below to sign up and join the challenge! 🙌🏼
It’s totally FREE!
I can’t wait to see you in there!


Have the most freaking amazing day ever!











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