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Your facebook page is NOT enough of a web presence for your business

Some of you may or may not have a facebook business page  and some of you may or may not have a business website.

If your target market or customers are on Facebook,  obviously you need to be there as well, just don’t make the mistake of using your Facebook page as your website simple because it is popular and free.

Your website is all about YOU and YOUR BRAND,

it has your branding, your market positioning and when people are on your website that’s all they see, and that’s all you want them to see!

Also, not everyone uses Facebook; yes they do have one billion active users but that’s not everyone, and not everyone wants to do business on Facebook or learn about a business on Facebook.

Finally your website is focused on your calls to action, Facebook isn’t. On your website you get to dictate what people do, by setting up scenarios that they can possibly flow through that end in a result you want, whether that be buying a product or service, signing up for a newsletter or generating a lead, you can’t do that all the time on Facebook.

Don’t fall into the trap of allowing another company to dictate how you do business.  Facebook should be a side dish, not the main meal.

If you only have a facebook page and no website, you need to contact us NOW.

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