Marketing and SEO | By Stephanie Zahalka

You must market your website!!!!

today with so many (billions) of websites online, you must must must market your site.   i run into so many people who will pay a lot of money for a gorgeous new website, but not spend a penny on marketing it.


that makes no sense.   why have a website that no one can see?  what is the point?  the point is to sell stuff or inform people or potential customers about your business.  if it sits there amongst the billions of websites not doing anything but sit there,  how will anyone find it?  they won’t!

the fact that you got a website in the first place is marketing.  you are using it as a tool to market your business. but you also need to market your website.   you must advertise your web address everywhere. on your business cards, flyers, brochures, ad campaigns etc…

then you need to optimise your site.  this takes time. you can do it yourself if you know what you are doing or do a bit of research and learn how.   if you try this, then you will be the first to understand why SEO is so expensive?

a lot of clients and business owners out there are always asking, “why does it cost so much?”   well, it costs so much because of the amount of time you have to spend doing it.

we spend hours and hours each week on a site, doing competitor research, keyword analysis, search engine submission, link building, content adjusting, working on the meta-tags and a whole heap of other things.   it takes time, and not just a bit of time, it takes a LOT of time.  that is why it costs $$$ to optimise your site.

but it is something that you have to do!  if you want to be found in the search engines for a specific thing, then you need to optimise your site for that specific thing. it doesnt do it by itself.

there are so many more ways to optimise your site… if you are interested in SEO for your website or learning more, then please contact us and we’ll get you found on the net!

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