You can never make the wrong choice
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

You can never make the wrong choice


I’ve been dropping in and what I am getting back out is nothing short of breathtaking!
So, I am on this mission to drop deeper into soul and only take action from that place. It is indeed why I am here. It is the reason that we are all here.
To find out what it is that our souls crave and desire and require of us. THEN DO IT!
You aren’t here to learn how to business, you aren’t here to struggle or feel broke. You aren’t here to spend your days doing mediocre shit that depresses you, frustrates you or holds you back in any way. You are here to be YOU!
I’m not saying that any emotions or feelings are in any way bad. None of them are bad. They are to be experienced, it’s part of being human.
But, how you CHOOSE to perceive them is what matters. And that CHOICE changes everything.
When fear pops up, take a step back, detach and check it out for what it is, thank it and then let it go. Step past the fear and move forward. Always move forward. Baby steps, big steps, ANY STEPS – but make sure you keep moving forward. Stay the course.
You are here to experience all the things and be okay with what is. All experiences lead to growth, if you choose for it to.
KNOW that you can never make the wrong choice. Therefore, anything that happens, is of your choosing. A choice you made somewhere in the past is what you are now experiencing.
And… in the knowing that all of your choices are what you are experiencing, aren’t you excited? EXCITED that you are creating your reality. Excited that you have the power, through your choices, to create, have, manifest, get anything you want.
So, when you go about your day and something happens, take a moment to notice your thoughts and CHOOSE to reframe it in a way that turns it around to your benefit. Remove emotion and take it for what it is, a choice you made before, that you are now deciding to learn from and be grateful for the lesson, and make a new choice and move on.
But you have to CHOOSE.
And then you have to BELIEVE.
Do this always. Make it a habit. Practice it.
Then before you know it, you will be experiencing all of those choices as they manifest and become your reality.
PS –
As someone who can choose to be, have, do anything that you want – what do you choose? Who do you choose to be?
Can you feel it deep inside, the real you waiting to be set free?
The YOU that wants to
say whatever you want to say,
do whatever you want to do,
be whoever you want to be.
Aren’t you sick of hiding yourself?
Aren’t you bored as fuck trying to be someone that you’re clearly not?
You were born for more…. so much more babe.
You didn’t start your business to struggle.
You didn’t build your dreams so you could hustle but still have no money.
You don’t get up every day to do work that has no meaning, no joy, no direction…
You started your business because of your love for it.
You built your dreams because the passion inside of you to do what you were meant to do.
You want to get up every day to do your purpose work, to share your superpowers, to help people with passion and joy and fun and flow!
So…. what are you going to CHOOSE?
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