Without this CRUCIAL brand element, your business WILL fail!
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Without this CRUCIAL brand element, your business WILL fail!

… This is the single most important thing you can do to have a successful brand.


I am sure you are rattling a bunch of branding things off in your head like
• My logo and colours
• Having consistency
• My positioning in the marketplace
• Knowing my audience
• My USP
• Defining my mission and vision
Etc, etc…

While these are important in branding and you do NEED them, there is ONE thing that sits at the top of the list and for good reason.

More often than not, businesses will say that their greatest source of new business is ‘WORD OF MOUTH’ and referrals.

You see, a great brand will very concisely make a promise to its customers —- this is telling your customers what they should expect when working with you and the promise that you will deliver.

That is the benefit of being aligned with your brand because what you are really saying is :

“We make a promise to our customers, our customers experience this promise, they are fulfilled have such a positive experience they SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.”

And when you deliver on that brand promise, you create an audience that does the selling FOR you, markets you and tells everyone about you.

One of the key elements in my EPIC Presence Method™ is to define and concisely communicate a brand promise that YOU CAN deliver on.

People LOVE to tell others about brands they like and if you deliver on your promise to them, you create those raving fans and that loyal audience that hangs on every word and buys all your things.

However, the opposite also holds true – if you do not deliver on your promise, the marketplace will tell you loud and clear via lost sales, bad reviews and falling revenue.

You can’t sell lies or be inauthentic, your audience is smarter than that and all the pretty pictures and words will not make a lick of difference.

If you’re not getting much in the way of ‘word of mouth’ referrals, it’s likely that you aren’t living up to your promise.

So what to do about this?

First, ask yourself these questions

💥 Do I have a clear and concisely communicated brand promise?

💥 Does my audience know what my promise is?

💥 Am I delivering on that promise when I work with my clients?

If any of those are a no – then send me a message we will chat.

It’ll be worth the conversation!

Remember, your audience will make assumptions and have expectations of you if you do not tell them what you want them to think and expect.
And to make sure this happens, you need to make damn sure your BRANDING is rock solid.

Luxury is a vibe. High-end is an energy.


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