Why positioning your brand is crucial to attracting a ready-to-buy audience
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Why positioning your brand is crucial to attracting a ready-to-buy audience

When you don’t understand where you fit in the market, you become everything to everyone and there is nothing that helps your high-end clients differentiate you in a sea of sameness.

You know you want to stand out and shine in your crowded marketplace!

You desire to be seen and sought after for your expertise.

You would love to have your premium clients flocking to you with their credit cards out, begging to work with you because you are their one and only!

But, to be this “stand out” and desirable brand you’ve been told to you need to

👉🏼 create another offer,
👉🏼show up more on socials,
👉🏼grow a bigger audience,
👉🏼add more things to your list to sell at all the price points

This is simply not true.
This is what you do when you need to “fix” something but have no idea what it is you need to fix.

Plus, this is what leads to the dreaded ‘burnout’ and overwhelm.

In order to position your brand as the one and only choice to a super hot premium audience rather than freebie seekers you need to be able to quickly and concisely show them why they need YOU and you alone.

You can’t do this without knowing what your unique signature process and point of difference is or who it is for.

Skipping over this step leads to launching offer after offer or trying to fix your current offers without knowing what to fix.

With my signature UNIQUELY YOU™ framework, your positioning combined with your unique signature process will do the heavy lifting of converting a more premium audience into leads for you.

Premium clients KNOW what they want and will pay high prices if you can clearly communicate why YOU are their one and only choice.

This allows you to effectively demonstrate to the right people, in the right language at the right price points that have your desired ‘dream to work with’ audience buying from you over and over again.

When you combine this critical step with the rest of my EPIC Presence Method™ you transform your business from another ‘one of them’ to the unique, highly desirable and highly paid BRAND that you’ve always dreamed about.

The one that gives you the clients you desire, the money for the things you want and the freedom to enjoy it all.

Can you see yourself as THAT brand?
The one that has it all!


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