Why oh why
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Why oh why

If you know your WHY then you should never find yourself staring at a blank screen when wanting to post something about your business.

If you know your WHY you should not have any problems telling people about what you do and why you’re the best and why they need to choose you.

If you know your WHY you should always be able to tap into the next step to take, the next program to create, the next offer to sell.

You NEED to really KNOW your WHY … like the not just the surface level why that we feel we ‘should’ say because you would look selfish if you didn’t…. you know the one – “because I want to help people” or some variation of that.

Well we all want that. That’s why we start a business and go through the ups and downs, the fails and successes, the good and the bad…. to help people.

That’s everyone’s surface level why.

You need to dig deeper and figure out your SELFISH WHY.

The real reason you do what you do,
why you go through the shit,
the pain and the pleasure.

It’s a process to uncover the selfish why. There are questions that you can ask yourself to find this out.

But I have always found that when I do it myself, I never uncover the good stuff, the juicy stuff, the REAL REASON WHY.

It’s only when I am doing this with a coach or mentor or someone else, that they can probe deeper into my soul, my real selfish why, than I can alone.

The same is probably true for you. You may in fact be nodding your head yes to this right now.

When I work with my clients, I have a unique process that I take them through to uncover this. It is MY SUPERPOWER – that i can extract all this juiciness out of you and show you your REAL WHY. (then of course I help you create a shit hot powerhouse brand and design it so everyone else KNOWS your why and also WHY they should choose YOU….. but I digress)

The reason you need to know your WHY – the real, hidden, deep, selfish WHY is because when you do, it is the golden nugget that you can come back to over and over again.

Every time you don’t know what to write.

Every time you don’t know what to sell.

Every time you want to create a new offer or program or service.

Every time you talk to someone.

Your WHY is the reason for all of it.
It’s the foundation.

And when you know it, truly KNOW it, then you will have a brand, a business, that resonates with your perfect clients and draws them TO you and has THEM buying in and selling themselves to you.

It is what creates your raving fans.

When everything you do, write, sell, etc… is created from your WHY – you will be the one that others look at and say ‘wow how does she do it?’ ‘how is she so successful and happy and have such an amazing life and business?’

You’re probably sitting there thinking, I want that to be ME!
I want this, I want to be this person.

If indeed, you are…then I invite you to hop on a mini Unf*ck your Foundation strategy call (for free) to see if we can start to UNLOCK your WHY…. to extract the deep inner reasons you do what you do and unleash them!

So then you can sit in front of the computer and just have that bank of knowledge inside of you in which to write that next post, create your next offer, sell your things – that will attract your next client TO you!


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I just had an epic idea – and it fits perfectly with this post.

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I hear (all the time) entrepreneurs complaining and frustrated that they don’t know
what to write,
what to sell,
what to offer,
what kind of program or service to create….

You need to know this stuff to:
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I will make it super easy for you to learn how to create ‘hell yes no-brainer’ offers that people can’t say no to!

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