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Why do you need Social Media Optimization?

I’m sure you all have heard of facebook and myspace, twitter or even linkedin and konnects.

If you are reading this on one of these sites, then you are probably in the loop…

But what are they exactly?

They are social networking websites and they utilise social media.

Social Media is the new age of communication to build a solid brand and send referrals to your business.

“The amount of time people spend online has, for the first time ever, surpassed the amount of time spent watching television.”

The major attraction for a business to start building their “Social Brand” is:

  • Creating brand connection by engaging with your visitors
  • Creating sales opportunities without selling
  • Increasing the popularity of your business amongst a targeted audience, resulting in building your brand
  • Generating traffic to your website, thus creating new business opportunities
  • Interacting with your community, providing you the opportunity to build business intelligence which will assist in refining your business offering

With their popularity only growing, it is important to leverage social sites as a platform to boost your business, through content and links that get exposed to the user community. In a rapidly transforming digital world, Social Media Marketing offers a new avenue in online marketing.

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