When you KNOW you’re meant to have it
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

When you KNOW you’re meant to have it


Have you ever read something and thought to yourself ‘YESSS’ while you were reading it?

Not just a ‘yep’, ‘yeah’, ‘sure’…

I’m talking about the HOLY SHIT YESSSS and you keep saying that to yourself while you’re reading about the program or the post or course that you are interested in.

When you are in that place, feeling that way, screaming YESSS in your head, then that is what you should base your decisions on.

NOT the price.

I find it really weird that people would choose a mentor or a coach or teacher based on price.  OMG eewww.  You choose and hire a mentor because of who they are, what their message is, the energy that you can feel and resonate with.   Because you think to yourself, I like this chick, she’s speaking my language and I love being around her energy!

I was listening to my mentor this morning and she was talking about this and it’s so true.  Whenever I find myself in the position to hire or engage a mentor or high level program or coaching, the decision HAS to be based on what screams out YES! to me.  Always follow the feeling.

When you don’t, and you get yourself that new coach based on price and not WHO they are, or their energy or that connection you feel with them, then, honey, you are NOT going to get what you need from that person or program.

I would not want anyone to sign up for any of my programs based solely on price.  NO way.

I want you to sign up because you are LOVING what I am saying.
Because you feel a connection to ME and my energy.
Because you CAN’T NOT sign up.


The other day I found myself reading about a new program that sounded amazing.  I scrolled the page and was looking for what the program entailed.  What was included basically. Then I was looking for the price. I found the price and then looked back at the program inclusions, read it all a few more times.

When you find yourself in this spot, then then answer is probably a no. You’re not going to get out of it what you are wanting – or needing.

I totally understand about financial situations, and of course price matters and you may not have the money for a big investment – but

I ALSO KNOW…. that when you KNOW that you are meant to have something no matter what, then you WILL FIND A WAY to get it.

That’s just how it is.

DECIDE that you want it, get it and let the rest work itself out. It always does.

And… when you invest in yourself, and it feels aligned – meaning it’s A HELL YES – then it always works out.

It’s all about the energy and the feeling you get in your soul… the feeling that you KNOW that you are meant to have it.





OMG have you heard?

I am so freakin excited about my new program!
This is the most transformational program that I have created yet!

The energy that is bubbling up around me when I think about what we are going to do together – how we are going to level up together – and take your business and brand and YOU from where it is now to higher and higher levels of “HELL YES!  I am rocking this shit and winning!”

It’s time to step out of the day to day hustle of working your ass off and not getting anywhere.  Time to call in those dream clients of yours, who are waiting for you to SHOW THE FUCK UP and give them what they want.

Are you ready to finally have a clear direction to go and clarity on what to do and how to do it?

Let’s light your branding on fire babay!

If you can feel the energy here and my excitement about this program and you wanna read more of what this program is all about – then click this link beautiful and FEEL, in your soul…. if you are MEANT TO BE A PART OF THIS and work with me 1:1….

To level you the fuck up so life and business lights you up and you jump out of bed every morning excited as fuck to work – because when you do what you love – it’s not work and Mondays are rad lol!

So… lovely, here’s to rad Mondays!

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