What’s your story?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

What’s your story?


So, like, what’s your story?

Do you even story bro?
Hahaha… but, really… do you have a story?

Of course you do.
We ALL do!

The real question then, is does anyone else know your story?

And I don’t mean friends and fam, unless those peeps are your clients, and they buy all your shit and pay your bills and keep your business booooming.

I’m talking about your clients and anyone who stumbles across your website or online presence that may become a client.

You know, the only real way to separate yourself from the insane amount of competition out there is through your story.

You see, you may have special credentials or tons of experience – but we all do.  Anyone who could be considered competition has probably more or less the same sort of shit they say they can do – you know the usual blah blah boring as bat shit stuff that everyone spews forth thinking it’s quite clever but if they took more than a seconds look at their competition’s websites they would see the same shit.

It makes the rest of us just not even SEE you. You all look the freaking same, sound the same, ARE the same.

But…. it’s quite the opposite in fact.

You are all completely different. You may do the same sort of work or service or have the same type of products, but you are the only one with YOUR STORY.

Your story is what makes you INTERESTING. It’s what makes someone take a closer look. Click further to see more.  It makes you a human, a real person with real shit and feelings, someone they can relate to.

That is what will set your apart.

That is what will make your BRAND STAND OUT.

That is what will call in the dream clients that are awesome to work with.

That is what will make people trust you and hire you and buy from you and pay you.

So… where was I getting with all of this?
Your website, your brand – go now, and if you don’t have it up there yet, add your story.

And I’m not talking about your ‘about me/us’ page that just rattles off some yawn fest stuff you do and how good you are – OMG.  NO.

First – CHANGE THE NAME of that button, that page, to MY/OUR STORY.

Then, you delete all the shit that was there and you write your story.

The juicy interesting shit. The beginning, the end, the MESSY MIDDLE.  The stuff that makes me nod my head in agreement or get emotional for you. The stuff that hits ya in the feels.

That is what you write.  Don’t hold back. Let it all out.  Because when you do that- WHEN you are all of you and no one else – that is when you are light years ahead in the game of ‘who am I going to hire?’

It IS all a game.

And it’s a story.

So write the good one and share it!




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