What makes a person choose you or your offer over someone selling the same exact thing?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

What makes a person choose you or your offer over someone selling the same exact thing?

I asked a question in a very large women’s entrepreneur group the other day and there were tons of great answers.

The question was:

What do you think it is that makes a person choose your offer over 22 other people who just offered the same exact thing?

The answers were quite varied and unique – but 90% of all the answers had ONE thing in common.

⭐⭐They were ALL components of BRANDING.⭐⭐

Over 50 comments and only 1 or 2 mentioned ‘branding’ by name.

But all of the answers were indeed elements of branding –

The problem is you’ve been taught a very surface level definition of what branding is or like most people, you just do not know the intricate complexities of real and proper branding.

You see (and I’ve said to 222,000 times) your branding is not just your visuals. It’s not just what you see. It’s not the pretty graphics or font pairings. All that shit comes last.

Here are some of the common answers (all branding BTW)

✔ “The experience they get that comes with it. The stories, the education, the personality.”

✔ “Authenticity. Your energy.”

✔ “How I made them feel, trust, authenticity and results”

✔ “All in all it’s value. They will go with the supplier who values their own product the most and who can communicate that”

✔ “Results, understanding of the niche you’re providing services to, your energy, trust and of course authenticity!”

✔ “Results, trust, reputation, authenticity, energy, personality, price, value, quality, recommendations, your product or services aligns with their needs”

✔ “Your uniquenessYour resonance with that personYour clarity of what you are offering”

✔ “YOU and the value you bring. People don’t buy what you are offering they buy you.”

✔ “Your energy. People will choose you because of you.”

✔ “Ultimately, it’s your energy and how well it’s in integrity with your message.”

✔ “Even if you do the “exact same” service, your delivery, your energy and interaction, your communication style, your intention for offering the service— none of that is the “exact same”.

✔ “You. Being in alignment with your highest purpose puts you in a place energetically makes a huge difference.”

Pretty much every answer here is an element of branding!!!
(Whether they call it that or not, it still is) 🎉👌🏼

This stuff – ALL those answers – are exactly what my signature and award-winning framework The EPIC Presence Method™ strategically and purposefully creates.

Let me break it down…

💎 First, we breathe LIFE into your entire brand by defining and aligning with the deeper energetics of who you are, why you do what you do, your vision, purpose and your unique genius.

Without nailing this, you’ll just be more noise in an already noisy market.

💎 Next, we position your brand as the singular choice in the market so you are able to clearly define and communicate your unique signature process & point of difference.

When you don’t understand where you fit in the market you become everything to everyone and there is nothing that helps your high-end clients differentiate you in the sea of sameness.

💎 Once we have your brand foundation locked in, we create a multidimensional identity & personality that gives your brand life so that your audience can confidently connect with everything you do!

This allows you to express your brand visually, emotionally and energetically which attracts your clients instead of chases.

💎 Finally, we visually express the internal and external elements of your brand to create an entire STYLED EXPERIENCE so that you can ignite all the senses, slow the scroll, and compel your viewers to fall in love with your brand instantly.

When you put all these pieces together you are able to create a visual and energetic brand experience, an EPIC PRESENCE™, that showcases you as the high-end brand you were meant to be, that stands the test of time, influences the behaviour & perceptions of your audience!

My unique process takes the 1-D concept of branding and turns it into a multidimensional identity & brand PRESENCE that connects and aligns with not just you, but also your audience on a deep, subconscious & psychological level that positions YOU as their one and only at whatever price point you align with.

It’s time to stop being basic…
Evolve, grow, expand and BE more than just a fancy facade.

The market has changed.
We crave more, deeper, meaningful connections.

I have discovered, in my 16+ years branding intelligent, driven & wildly ambitious entrepreneurs, that presence is powerful.

It’s time to stand powerfully in 👑 YOUR 👑 EPIC Brand Presence™


I’d love to invite YOU to reach out **message me** if you are ready to purposefully and strategically craft your brand presence so you REALLY DO stand out and are CHOSEN by your audience as their “one and only”.
I look forward to speaking with you 🖤

Luxury is a vibe. High-end is an energy.


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