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What is a Mobile Website?

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile site is a website that has been specifically designed and optimised for small screens such as mobile and smart phones and PDAs. You may be able to see your current website on your mobile phone but this does not mean its mobile friendly.

If your customers use their mobile phones to access your website they will not only have to scroll horizontally and vertically but enlarge the areas to search for information that they are after.  This is tedious and annoying and usually causes delays in loading and eventually your customer will leave and never return.  Not good for business.

This is because of the different screen size and resolution that normal computer based websites have been built for as compared to mobile and smartphone screens.

Mobile websites are designed in narrow columns to fit mobile and smartphone screens and they are usually a summary of the most important information of the normal site.

You simply cannot afford to ignore this any longer as a business because it directly affects your bottom line.  Jungle Design Studios can assist you to develop a customized mobile website for your business. If you already have an existing website we can convert it to a mobile friendly version, compatible with nearly all smart phones.

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