What happens when you fake it….
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

What happens when you fake it….


So, I’ve talked about this before, but I feel called to mention it again.

If you are wondering why you are not attracting your ideal, dream clients that are OVERJOYED to pay you in full, all the time…
then it’s probably because you are holding back and not being 100% YOU.

The whole ‘FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT’ thing that you see people spouting everywhere …. well, NO.

I guess, though, in a way, you can do that IF you are OWNING it as yourself. If you are doing it in a way that is unfiltered and unedited YOU.

Of course put it out there that it’s DONE, that you’re awesome and  you know what the hell you’re doing and you are the best at what you do….
but do it in a way that is true to YOU.

Don’t follow someone else’s strategy or some made up rules by who the hell knows who.


All YOU.


and only then…

Will your dream clients SEE you.

FIND you.

PAY you.

You see, they are craving the message and services that you have to offer.

They need it.

You have it.

Give it to them.

It would be selfish of you to not share your complete, true message.

If you give them a fake, half-assed, edited and filtered version of you and your message and what you have to offer, then you are going to attract the same sort of clients.

Fake, half-assed clients that are attracted to some fake, lesser version of you.

Who the eff wants to live and work like that?

Hopefully you don’t.

So, where from here…  from here, you need to get CLEAR on who the hell you are and what the hell it is you really do and who you really do it for.

Good news – if you’re sitting there thinking ‘how the hell am I going to do all that?’.

My BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE is launching next Monday!  

THAT is how you are going to figure this stuff out.

JOIN my course.

When you gain CLARITY, it makes it easier to be totally and authentically YOU and when you do that, you attract your dream clients to you that are overjoyed to pay you!

Even if you’re just starting out,
or if you have been in business for years …

If you’re ready to show the world who YOU are and get clear on your brand – which sends the message that you need to be sending…..

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This is because of how the formula works.

When you USE it…
When you’re in the FLOW….

You are totally YOU!

You will become so MAGNETIC that your audience and perfect clients will effortlessly GROW
straight into your business.

The BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE is the simple, step-by-step formula to gaining clarity on your brand and the foundation of your business…

This program will make it significantly easier for you to PLAN and FLOW, CREATE and SELL,  in a way that shows off the REAL YOU…. so that you can stand out, grow your audience, attract dream clients and MAKE THE MONIES…

…And build a profitable brand.

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