What are you afraid will happen….?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

What are you afraid will happen….?


So many people that I speak with, read comments from, interact with on a business level and even my clients –

seem to have some kind of hidden or not so hidden fear of being themselves.

Like, what are you afraid will happen if you are just yourself?

If you talk like YOU.
If you act like YOU.
If you show up like YOU.
If, in every area of your life AND business, you are just being 100% authentically YOU.

What are you afraid will happen?

As far as your personal, everyday life – you should always be yourself. That’s a no-brainer.

As far as business goes – you should also always be yourself.  But this is not so much a given is it?

People are constantly saying and writing things that are half-assed or holding back what they REALLY want to say – what they are meant to be saying.

I don’t understand why.

Who is the one who made up the rules that you are following that say you gotta use technical jargon to describe what you do or sound like a made up robot writing words and sentences that are hard to even read because you’re trying so damn hard to say something that doesn’t even really matter (I’m talking big useless words here).

HOLY SHIT.  My brain hurts sometimes.

FFS just talk like a normal (or not normal) human being.  You do know that on the other side – the ones reading the shit you are writing – are human yes?

When you show up and talk and write like YOU and use words that you would actually say in conversation, it’s a lot easier to connect with people.

YOUR people.

If you are afraid of what people think or are gonna say or maybe criticise or not like and follow you anymore – then THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

You are not meant to be liked by everyone. You are not meant to cater to everyone. You are not meant to work with everyone. Everyone is not your friend.

OMG can you even imagine how fucking chaotic it would be to try to be all the things to everyone.  (I just puked in my mouth a little actually)

So, let’s just get over ourselves for a second. Get over your fears, kick them to curb and just start being YOU.

Take off the mask. 
Stop with the fake bullshit that you ‘think’ they want to hear…. cuz it’s not what you think.

Those people that aren’t offended and stick around, will probably start to like you even MORE (this is why they buy BTW).  That’s better than being an invisible mediocre one of the masses – eewww.

You are more than that.  You were meant for more than that.

So stop fucking hiding, step out into the light and BE the light.

Say what you want, let it all out, share your message, unfiltered, unedited and be who you were meant to goddam be!

Now, I ask you….  if you had no fear, and you were not afraid to say whatever the hell you wanted…. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY?




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