What are they saying about YOU?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

What are they saying about YOU?


When your back is turned, what are they whispering?

When your not in the room, what are they saying?

When you share your message and sell your wares, what are they thinking?

This, my friends, IS why your BRANDING is so important.

By the way – Your brand is NOT your logo!

Your brand is NOT your website or business card or your fancy shmancy custom email signature.



Every single touch point that someone has with you and your business is your brand.

Every message you share, every word you write/type, every offer you put out, every product you sell, every service you sling…

Every time you interact on social media or at an event or dealing with customers and even your team and staff…

Every ad, every flyer, every brochure, every post, every video…

Your logo, your website, your sales pages, your funnels, every piece of visual marketing….

It is all of it!

There are a million other businesses doing what you do, selling what you sell, with the same experience and qualifications, the same company colours, similar name, possibly the same freaking logo (if you went cheap ass and got it done on fiverr)…..

What is the only thing that makes your business different?


It’s the only thing.

That is your brand.

Your brand is the WHOLE PACKAGE.   It is all of YOU!
It is the entire puzzle in which the logo is just a small visual piece of.


If you are grumpy and shitty at the world and that comes through how you deal with customers, staff or comments or your presence on social media – sorry to break it to you, this is your brand.

Do you want a shitty brand? Then keep on keeping on with a (possibly fabulous or maybe cheap) logo but mediocre, fake, forced, half-assed everything else.

Do you want a badass, highly sought after brand? The keep on keeping on being all of YOU everywhere you are online and in real life- totally authentic with all touchpoints on POINT!

Here’s your golden nugget !!!
*** Make sure you CAREFULLY CRAFT all elements of your brand, your voice, your language, your tone, your words, your messaging, your online presence, your posts, your offers, your attitude, YOU, EVERYTHING to be exactly as you desire your brand to be so what they DO SAY is exactly what you WANT THEM to say!

So…. what are they saying about YOU when you’re not in the room?




You now understand how important a brand actually is and how in-depth and detailed it can be….

It’s not something that can be fine tuned and perfected over night or even in a few day or week.

Lucky for you (cheeky I know) I have CAREFULLY CRAFTED a new program that will allow you to carefully craft your “stuff” into YOUR PERFECT BRAND.


A 6 week intensive – where You and I work privately 1:1 fully unleashing all of YOU and who you are and what you are meant to do…

We will extract your purpose

Your mission


and UNLEASH it all!

I have created, over the years, a fabulous way of extracting all of this juicy yumminess from inside of you and connecting THAT to your business so that your business IS YOU! … not some external thing.
And not just woo-woo stuff…  the profit stuff,  target audience, the offers and services, your voice, message – all of it!

Then…. ooooo then… the exciting part! The fun part….

The artsy fartsy part where I get to design the shit out of it and together we create the most perfect, soul aligned BRAND for you to UNLEASH out to the world –

So you can attract your tribe and soul mate clients.

So you can sit back and let your message and voice and brand be the beacon that calls them in.

So you can really truly be you and work and play and act from a space of already being who you were meant to be because your brand and your business and your offers and products and services are in alignment with each other and YOU.

So making money is easy and just happens because you are in flow with it all!

It all becomes so EASY and fun when YOU are fully unleashed and free to be you in life and business and everywhere.

You will wake up in the morning excited to work, because work isn’t work when it is doing what you love and what you are meant to do.

You will lay down at night content and satisfied and joyful that you did what had to be done today and lived your life as you, fully and authentically you.



And, I invite YOU to join me in UNLEASHING your badass within, your SOUL,  your PURPOSE, your MISSION and your MESSAGE.

But this isn’t for everyone.

Those who merely want a logo so they can sell shit just to make money – which is fine, but not what this is about.

I want to work with the passionate ones, the bold and audacious ones who are NOT afraid to be all of themselves in all their glory and announce it proudly to the world!

This is for the ones whose souls are screaming on the inside to be UNLEASHED.

The ones who KNOW that they are meant to do more, be more, have more and be happy as fuck through the whole thing.

If this is you – then I invite you to PM me for details.

This is private 1:1 work, 6 weeks to fully UNLEASH you and your brand – mindset, coaching and DESIGN work included.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What do you want them to say?

Let’s give them the UNLEASHED version, so they don’t ‘say’ anything
– they shout it out and share you with the world and become your raving fans and dedicated followers and tribe!~


PM me here 

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