Want to raise your prices in 2023
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Want to raise your prices in 2023

So just raise them right? 


Just raising them for the sake of raising them isn’t the only thing you need to do so your audience is 100% on board with it.

You need to POSITION your brand correctly to support this.

To start to understand how YOU can position your business or company in the marketplace to the right audience at your higher price point and speak to THEM in the right language you need to …

First, ask yourself…

❓ Is your skillset, value and results provided relevant to the pricing?
❓ Are you speaking to the right audience?
❓ Are you using the right language for that specific audience?
❓ Is this something the market needs or desires?
❓ Does it fit with the perceived value / demand for it?
❓ Are you filling a gap in the market?
❓ Does it fit in with the rest of your brand?

And… truth bomb incoming 💣💥 … 

Just answering these questions and going on your merry way is not going to cut it!

Not only do you need to know this and BE this with total confidence – it needs to integrate seamlessly with all elements of your brand. 

More importantly, it must be weaved into and infused with the rest of the strategy, foundation, personality, aesthetics, and story so that it makes sense, WITHOUT QUESTION, to your audience. 

There is a reason that I devote an entire pillar of my EPIC Presence Method™ to this very thing. As a 17-year branding specialist, I see so often that this is overlooked and overshadowed by the incorrect perception that branding is just a logo, colours, and fonts.

Your brand is the entire EXPERIENCE on every single touchpoint from when someone first finds you all the way through the client experience and their results.

To stay on top in 2023, you must make sure your brand is positioned, strategized and structured for LONG-TERM success, sustainability and profitability. 

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