Throwing in the ‘EXTRA’….
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Throwing in the ‘EXTRA’….


🔥 HOT Tip 🔥
When you are interacting with a customer or client, and you want to set yourself / your business apart from your competition, think about ways that you can go that little bit EXTRA….
What I mean is, don’t just do your job, provide the service and be on your way. Give your client, who just hired you, paid you, bought from you, that little bit of extra YOU as the cherry 🍒 on top.
Add VALUE – this can be anything from a small gift to say thanks or for being awesome… or buy THEIR product, give them some bonus material, send them a birthday card….
Things like this are worth more than paid advertising. This is how you create a tribe of raving fans.🙌
The people who talk about you and promote you and refer you to their friends and family. That is worth way more than any other type of paid promotion.
THIS is the stuff that FUCKING AWESOME BRANDS are made of. This is what creates empires and businesses that get ALL the business and customers and clients.
All of these little things are pieces in a big puzzle called your BRAND.
So… what extra bit of value can you offer that will leave your customer or client giddy, happy, joyous or just puts a smile on their face for a few extra moments?
Remember – over promise and OVER OVER deliver!
FYI – ADDING VALUE just like this and MORE of this are included in the upcoming GCGIB Branding Workshop with myself and Asha <3 NEXT TUESDAY the 21st.
Put on your fave outfits, do up your hair, throw on some lippy and come down for some champagne, brunch and learn some kick ass strategies on how to make your brand STAND OUT!
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