They may TRY to copy you…
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

They may TRY to copy you…


So, you sit there, scrolling, scrolling… and then you see something.

It catches your eye.

You stop, look at it and think, this looks familiar.

What IS this?

Is this MINE?
But I didn’t write this.
I didn’t post this.

This isn’t ME.

Then you lean forward, read it all again and think


You are looking at a post or service or a product or some creative or event or IDEA that was YOURS.

This is YOUR thing.

WHY is your thing being used and sold and promoted as this OTHER persons thing?

You my friend, have just been copied.

The first inclination, of course, is to be upset, outraged, annoyed, pissed off, angry, violated.


I want to show you another view on this.

I always believe that everything always works out for me. ALWAYS. No matter what.

So, if this person is copying me, what is the reason behind it?

The way to overcome this is to give gratitude for it, then look at it without emotion.  Look at it with curiosity. Examine it. Question it.

Why?  Why would this person steal my shit or my idea and copy me?

Because they want what you have.
They want to be YOU.

I always say, “If you don’t have haters, you’re doing it wrong”.

The same goes with copiers.  If you are putting out amazing ideas, products, services, events, creative work, then there will be people who envy that and want that.  And, eventually copy you.  Or at least try.

Yes it fucking sucks.

But, remember – they can copy all they want, but
they will never BE YOU,
they will never be more successful THAN YOU,
they will never feel the same sense of amazing satisfaction that you feel when you create this stuff.

That’s the thing with BRANDING.  When you do it right, when you effectively, completely and wholeheartedly GO ALL IN on your brand and make it a part of everything that you do and put out there, it can’t be replicated.

Those of you who do the copying, you’re better off focusing on YOUR shit and putting your brand and all of you into YOUR ideas.  Selling other peoples ideas will never be as successful as something you create YOURSELF. Never.

People can smell bullshit a mile away.  And they can sense when you don’t have the confidence and energy to back up the thing.

On both sides of the equation here….


They cannot copy your ENERGY.
You cannot copy their energy.

They cannot copy your VIBE.
You cannot copy their vibe.

They cannot put the emotion and feeling and intention behind the THING like only you can.

As the creator the thing, YOUR thing… it will always be yours.

Revel in the fact that you ARE that FUCKING AWESOME that people want to copy your shit.

Then, you sit back, and you keep scrolling, with a little smirk on your face, KNOWING, knowing that they can try, but they will never catch up or be YOU.


PS – Make sure that everything you put out is branded!

I’m not talking about watermarking it with your logo –

I’m talking about infusing EVERYTHING that you put out there, that you sell, that you create –
infuse it with YOU.
Infuse it with your BRAND.
Put your energy into it, your vibe and no matter how hard they try, they couldn’t effectively steal your shit if they tried!

If you would like to know HOW the fuck to do this, then I invite you to message me – I offer 1:1 brand coaching sessions where we can deep dive into who and what your BRAND is and how you can infuse it into everything that you do.

How RAD would it be, if you were copied, that you heard or read from OTHER people, that had your back, saying that this is NOT your shit.

Everyone would just KNOW that it was yours.

Because it has your vibe, your touch, your energy, it smells of you, sounds like you, IS YOU.

That is when you know that you are fully in the space of having an authentic BRAND that embodies all of YOU.

And this is why you can never be truly copied.  Surface level, sure, but on any and every other level – FUCK NO.  Never.

Go on then, message me and let’s chat…  about infusing all that you do with all of YOU!

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