The WHY is just a distraction.
Business Strategy | By Stephanie Zahalka

The WHY is just a distraction.


ALL ABOARD THE SELF DOUBT TRAIN – no thanks, I didn’t buy a ticket today!

So, you’ve been levelling up in your biz and while it’s exciting, you find yourself all full of SELF DOUBT and other useless shit and negative feelings.

We’ve all been on the self doubt train many times.  All the big successful biz peeps that you look up to have self doubt.

If you want to be like the millionaire bosses out there killing it and levelling up and making money like it’s air, then you need to act like one NOW.

What separates them, YOU, from the masses of regular ol’ business folk and mid-range, just existing, hustling for pennies entrepreneurs is that they, YOU, GET THE FUCK OVER IT faster.

I’m not saying your feelings are wrong, oh wait, I am.

In this case, your feelings ARE wrong.

When you have feelings inside of you that keep you from moving forward or accomplishing your goals or doing your purpose work or being who you are meant to be, then yes, THEY ARE WRONG.

It is just your ego and fear trying to get a hold of you and remain in control. A form of self sabotage to keep you where you are.

You see, the thing about ego is that it likes control. It hates the wonder and excitement of the unknown and growing and levelling up.

It likes to to stay comfortably where it is and has always been.

But YOU do not want to stay there.

You didn’t start this business or become an entrepreneur to play small and stay small and struggle and hustle, hustle and struggle all day every day.


So, you can take a moment and kindly tell your ego to FUCK RIGHT OFF THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And, before you start to really dig in and dive deep into WHY you feel like this, why this is happening, why you have fear, why you are self sabotaging, what the root cause is…..

I’ll let you in on a little secret I just learned….



Look at it, without emotion, thank it for trying to protect you and let it know that you no longer need it’s help.

Let it know that You got this.

And tell it, With love – I RELEASE YOU.

And see it float away.

IT being whatever it may be.
Doesn’t matter.

Your ego and fear is yelling loudly because you are stepping beyond it and it doesn’t’ like that.

You are stepping into your next level true self and it’s fucking scary.

But, if something isn’t scary, then you don’t grow.

Jump off the cliff babe.
Flick that doubt off your shoulder like an annoying mosquito.

And look at your future with excitement and wonder of the unknown.

Find someone to fly with you.

When it comes to your life and your biz and growing and being happy – then you need to move past the fear and take a chance,
book that speaking gig,
hold a live event,
put out that program,
hire a coach,
share your message,
do the fucking work!

Do it.

Because when you do, you are saying yes to LIFE and when you say yes to life, life says yes to you!


Even when it’s not – IT IS!






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