The simple step-by-step formula….. to BRAND CLARITY
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

The simple step-by-step formula….. to BRAND CLARITY



Over the past 13 years of running this business, I’ve noticed one major thing that holds us back as entrepreneurs:

A lack of brand clarity and business direction.


I’ve counted 100’s of clients that I’ve helped to date with their brand identities and websites.

That’s 100’s of business owners from so many different industries – I’ve worked with lawyers, hair salons, massage therapists, landscapers, service and product-based businesses, engineers, coaches and more.

Within any industry, I’ve noticed that if the business owner is not clear on their brand or the direction of their business, we end up with prolonged project timelines, indecisiveness and a case of shiny object syndrome.

And to be clear, I’m counting myself in this as well!

This past year or so, after a whole lot of life things were happening around me, I realised how lost I felt when it came to my business. I felt like I was offering too many services rather than focusing on the ONE that I was an expert at. I didn’t know who I really wanted to be working with.

Did I need to niche down?

Did I need to charge more?


So, I went deep into brand clarity and business direction.

I read books, I signed up for courses to learn more and I researched everything (talk about overload OMG) to figure out what really vibed with ME and MY business.

I threw out advice that didn’t fit or feel right.  I unsubscribed from people that were no longer adding value to my journey.  I said NO to BSOS (that’s Bright Shiny Object Syndrome- which I had bad).

I got rid of services  that were unprofitable and, more importantly, not fun or enjoyable.

My Brand ReBoot

I put myself through my own Branding ReBOOT®.

So, after about 3 months into this ‘get your shit together Steph’ journey of mine, I felt more CLEAR than ever on what I needed to focus on within my business.

I figured out the exact kind of client I want to be working with.

I overhauled my entire process and services based on what I get the most pleasure from, what I am an expert at and more importantly, what truly FEELS good and ALIGNED with my soul and my PURPOSE.

I found my own brand voice and I had a clear path towards my own version of success.

Since implementing all of this, I honestly can say that I’ve had the pleasure of working on more dreamy projects in the past few months than I have in the past few years.

I want to help you have this too!



If you are an action taker and it’s time… your time… for total CLARITY… then you best sign up for my new BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE.

This where we go in deep.
We go in and figure shit out ….
We get CLEAR….

Discover your WHY and the deeper purpose of your brand.
So many businesses miss this essential step!

Get clarity on WHAT you’re building, WHAT you love doing and WHAT makes you different.
Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.

Figure out WHO your audience and ideal client is so you can streamline your brand for them!
And learn the other WHO and why it’s so important –
hint* it’s not who you think!

Deep dive questions to evaluate the HOW and what sorts of strategies you need and DON’T need.
This is the #1 problem most business owners struggle with.

When you gain CLARITY, it makes it easier to PLAN and when it’s easier to plan, that’s when you find yourself IN the FLOW.

Even if you’re just starting out,
or if you have been in business for years …

If you want to look
like you have your shit together,
like you are in the FLOW,

Then you’re about to discover the “SECRET FORMULA” you’ve been waiting for all your life…

The “secret formula” to quit struggling and gain total brand clarity!

Learn this ONE, simple formula… and never worry about sending the wrong message or attracting the wrong clients, EVER again!

This is because of how the formula works.

When you USE it…
When you’re in the FLOW….

You will become so MAGNETIC that your audience and perfect clients will effortlessly GROW
straight into your business.

The BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE is the simple, step-by-step formula to gaining clarity on your brand and the foundation of your business…
even if you’re just starting out or have been in business a while.

This program will make it significantly easier for you to PLAN and FLOW, CREATE and SELL, so that you can stand out, grow your audience, attract dream clients and MAKE THE MONIES…

…And build a profitable brand.

The BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE launches on the 9th of August 2018 and for those of you

ACTION takers and

Badass BOSS babes

READY for this next level…

then JOIN ME in this Crash Course BEFORE we launch and receive a MASSIVE 70% DISCOUNT!



4 days

4 simple steps

to Brand CLARITY…..

so you can PLAN….

and work IN THE FLOW…..

Daily audios and ACTION to kick your ass into CLARITY!

PLUS – I’ve just added some insane BONUSES!  —

How to tap into your MESSAGE so you can plan, flow and sell from a constant HIGH-VIBE state that MAGNETISES clients TO you.   And…. how to stay in this space!


How to use this exact STEP-BY-STEP FORMULA to create, launch and sell a course, program or package!


Get access to our PRIVATE Facebook group of Branding BADASSERY to share your shifts, breakthroughs, transformational amazingness + get ALL the feedback and support. Plus learn all the things to do with Branding your Business in alignment with WHO YOU ARE!

Are you ready?

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PS – If you want to skip the DIY method and go straight to the gold, then I invite you to head over to the MY BRAND ReBOOT® page and if you feel like this is the perfect next step, like this is a ‘hell yes Steph‘, then book in a Brand ReBoot Strategy/coaching session asap.


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