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The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match.

Do all of your branding materials match?


It’s not enough to have your business card match your logo. Any and all handouts should be branded to match. This could be as simple as creating a universal color scheme that unifies all materials or incorporating your logo into the design. You can also design specialty marketing materials that stand out. Some examples include: custom stickers & decals, QR codes, unique shaped business cards and creative mailers or flyers. The more freedom you give your designer the more creative they will be. In turn the marketer will have an easier time getting their message to stick in customers minds and not be lost in the shuffle of other companies.

Also be careful of those template websites where you just plug in your logo and go. This can also create a disconnect and look unprofessional especially if your other marketing is top notch.  Just inserting your logo into all of your materials will not cut it.  The entire piece as a whole whether a website or a brochure must send the right message and be consistent in it’s design.

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