| By Stephanie Zahalka

Peter Hill

3 Reasons why you should try Jungle Design Studios
Written by a tremendously pleased customer, Peter Hill AutoKing
1. Without doubt, lack of ego. I have found Steph to be really comfortable with her design ability. She doesn’t argue wtih me about stuff just to establish a postion “over” me and to affirm that she is the one who knows everything. if I want to screw it up she will calmly give her opinion before politely designing the mess I am insisting on.
2.A tremendous eye for arrangement.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Steph has continually demonstrated she is sales focussed and that she really does understand that I need sales in return for the money I am outlaying. Not so much for the money I spend with her, but the money I am spending on the medium. For instance, she was really really determined to get it right for me when we worked on our $17,000.00 yellow pages campaign. She knows it will hurt if I can’t turn that advertising spending into sales and she proved it in the way she handled the brief.
In summary,
I have been around a long long time. So far no designer has had my confidence the way Steph and Jungle Design Studios does. I cannot urge you strongly enough to give her a small project to prove it for yourself.

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