Bianca Parente

Jungle Design Studios has done all our website and photography work for a long time now and we will continue to use their services as they are very professional and efficient. Love your work Jungle Design Studios.

Denise Breen

Love the work and effort put in by Jungle Design Studios.

Jane Amedee

“I have worked with Steph over the past month to create my new website Love the work done. Steph is creative and listens.”

Tarnia Mullan a.k.a Ms Foxy

“BFB wasn’t as easy concept to communicate. Thanks Steph for your perserverence and committment to making sure it was ‘just right’.

Suzanne Langham

I used Jungle Design Studios to help design my website ( Steph is great – very approachable and easy to talk to and also very artistic and creative! Thanks Steph!

Tim Ryan

I have used Jungle Design Studios to design my blog page and have been very happy with how it looks and also how easy it is to use and also how helpful Steph and Keith have been. They have also given me some great tips with my main web site, so no hesitation in highly recommending the gang at Jungle Design for all your web site needs.

Peter Hill

3 Reasons why you should try Jungle Design Studios
Written by a tremendously pleased customer, Peter Hill AutoKing
1. Without doubt, lack of ego. I have found Steph to be really comfortable with her design ability. She doesn’t argue wtih me about stuff just to establish a postion “over” me and to affirm that she is the one who knows everything. if I want to screw it up she will calmly give her opinion before politely designing the mess I am insisting on.
2.A tremendous eye for arrangement.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Steph has continually demonstrated she is sales focussed and that she really does understand that I need sales in return for the money I am outlaying. Not so much for the money I spend with her, but the money I am spending on the medium. For instance, she was really really determined to get it right for me when we worked on our $17,000.00 yellow pages campaign. She knows it will hurt if I can’t turn that advertising spending into sales and she proved it in the way she handled the brief.
In summary,
I have been around a long long time. So far no designer has had my confidence the way Steph and Jungle Design Studios does. I cannot urge you strongly enough to give her a small project to prove it for yourself.

Mac McDiarmid

In September we asked Stephanie to effect optimisation of our existing website and this has now given us 1st Plumber listing when you google Gold Coast Plumber. Stephanie also redesigned our McDiarmid Plumbing Services business cards.
We appreciate the response time and professional manner in which this was achieved and we have noted an increase in our phone and internet enquiries.
McDiarmid Plumbing Service can confidently recommend Jungle Design Studios for your web design and optimization and graphic design needs.

Suzanne Langham

I recently used Jungle Design Studios to design a website for our business. I had heard from others how easy it was to put together a website yourself, however as i have no knowledge of how to do this, I felt a lot more comfortable enlisting a professional to do the job, and I wasn’t disappointed.
I found Steph to be very creative with her design ideas, as well as very knowledgable in the field of website design. I also found enlisting a professional to design our website to be a lot more time efficient, and can only imagine how long it would have taken me to do it if I had tried to do it myself.
I am very happy with my new website and I would highly recommend Jungle Design Studios fo anybody looking for a new website.

Colin Wright

My name is Colin Wright and I am a print consultant. My background is advertising, publishing, pre-press, graphic design, litho and digital printing.
Have you ever heard the saying ” you only get what you pay for” … How true – or is it?
Throughout many years I have been introduced and used the services of a vast number of graphic and web designers. Some good and some not so good. All graphic designers can take your text, graphics and photographs and paint a commercially acceptable picture. However, very few can take the same components and paint a masterpiece. Stephanie Zahalka is one of the few who can.
You are reading this testimonial and so you have already discovered Jungle Design Studios and more over, Stephanie. Your ultimate decision is not whether you are going to utilise her services, it is what you are going to write in your testimonial to her.
Yes indeed, “you only get what you pay for” but now and again, you buy a bag of rocks and when you open the bag – guess what, you have a bag of diamonds.
Congratulations reader, you have hit the jackpot.