Talk about the thing you can’t stop talking about!
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Talk about the thing you can’t stop talking about!


You know that thing…. in your business or life….that you can shut the fuck up about?

The thing that you can prattle on all day long about to anyone who will listen?

Yeah, that thing!

That service or offer that you do that really lights you up and that you think EVERYONE should have because it is just damn awesome….

That is the thing that you should be focusing on.

That is the thing that you should be messaging about, writing about, emailing about – SELLING!

And if you are already selling it, because it is something you do or offer in your business, then let me ask you – is it bringing in clients and bringing in money?

Because, if you’re thinking that you wished it did or it does but not consistently – then you’re not talking about it enough.

It’s not good enough that you have it listed on some random services page of your website and that’s it.


You need to be talking and talking about it.

Sharing the awesomeness of it with everyone.

Even if you think they won’t want to hear about it, or if you think they might think it’s boring or not interesting or any other self sabotage-y type shit, DO IT ANYWAY.

You start talking about it, writing about it, sharing it and soon your peeps will catch on… they’ll start turning their heads, they’ll start listening and asking about it and BOOM – they want it!

When you are really stoked on something and so passionate about it that you can’t shut the fuck up about it – it is your energy that attracts people.

It’s your energy and passion that makes people want to throw their money at you because they want to feel the way you feel when you talk about it.

So – find that thing that you can’t shut the fuck up about and sell that!

But don’t just make a page, put a buy now button and off you go – no – you need to shout out about to everyone, everywhere.

Even when you don’t want to – do it.
Even when you think no one is listening – do it.
Even when you think it’s boring and the same ol’ thing – do it.


Which is – talking about, messaging, emailing and sharing the shit out of the shit you love!

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again – people don’t buy your service, they buy you – they buy your energy!

So put all that energy into ‘that thing’ and watch what happens in wonder and amazement – and then you’ll wonder why the hell you didn’t do this sooner!





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