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When you talk about your services or products, what are you actually saying?

What do you tell people?

I am pretty sure that when most business owners go out and mingle and talk to other people – such as potential clients and customers – about what they do…


Don’t beat yourself up about it.  It’s okay because most people do this.

The ‘elevator pitch’.

Ugghhhh so terribly boring blah blah blah…

You lost me at “Hi I’m batgirl and I _________”

So… I know you do this.

And… I know that I can help you stop doing this.

Right NOW.

Next time someone asks you, “what do you do?” why don’t you start, or answer, by asking them a question.

That is an instant icebreaker and it engages the person you are talking to.  When they are engaged, it is less likely that their eyes will glaze over and they are mentally stabbing their eyeballs out with a sharp stick.

Ask them a question that is directly relevant to what you do.

But, not just in the boring sense … in the sense of solving a problem.

Oh, ‘but how do I do that’ you may be thinking.

First you need to take a few steps back and really dive deep into the actual problem that you solve with your product or service.

You need to know what keeps them up at night.

What their emotions, pains, fears, joys are around this problem.

Then you need to work out how your service or product will make them FEEL after you help them.

After their problem is SOLVED.

This is the transformation.

This is what people pay for.

This is what they buy.

Not your service or product or your boring 60 second “I blah blah blah” spiel.


Read that a couple times.

Commit it to memory and create your services and products around this and everything will change for you.

Where once you were ignored or missed or glossed over, now you will catch their attention and attract them to you.

Focus on the EMOTION and the TRANSFORMATION.

This is the TRUE VALUE that you offer.

And.. you need to put this everywhere and make it an integral part of your branding.


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