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When you talk about your services or products, what are you actually saying?

What do you tell people?

I am pretty sure that when most business owners go out and mingle and talk to other people – such as potential clients and customers – about what they do…


Don’t beat yourself up about it.  It’s okay because most people do this.

The ‘elevator pitch’.

Ugghhhh so terribly boring blah blah blah…

You lost me at “Hi I’m batgirl and I _________”

So… I know you do this.

And… I know that I can help you stop doing this.

Right NOW.

Next time someone asks you, “what do you do?” why don’t you start, or answer, by asking them a question.

That is an instant icebreaker and it engages the person you are talking to.  When they are engaged, it is less likely that their eyes will glaze over and they are mentally stabbing their eyeballs out with a sharp stick.

Ask them a question that is directly relevant to what you do.

But, not just in the boring sense … in the sense of solving a problem.

Oh, ‘but how do I do that’ you may be thinking.

First you need to take a few steps back and really dive deep into the actual problem that you solve with your product or service.

You need to know what keeps them up at night.

What their emotions, pains, fears, joys are around this problem.

Then you need to work out how your service or product will make them FEEL after you help them.

After their problem is SOLVED.

This is the transformation.

This is what people pay for.

This is what they buy.

Not your service or product or your boring 60 second “I blah blah blah” spiel.


Read that a couple times.

Commit it to memory and create your services and products around this and everything will change for you.

Where once you were ignored or missed or glossed over, now you will catch their attention and attract them to you.

Focus on the EMOTION and the TRANSFORMATION.

This is the TRUE VALUE that you offer.

And.. you need to put this everywhere and make it an integral part of your branding.


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It’s time… time to take ACTION – Branding Workshop


Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, head in hands, wondering when the fuck this is all going to get easier?

Or… maybe it is pretty easy, but you’re thinking when the fuck are my soul mate clients going to be beating down my door, throwing their money at me because they HAVE to have what I am offering NOW.

So, you sit and you scroll.

All day.

You post and you share.

All day.

You follow and desperately hope, beg, need the follow back while in the back of your mind, you know that the ‘unfollow’ is coming in the next day or two.

Why? Why am I even concerned with this? Why do I care if I am unfollowed?

Because it hurts.

You have a business that you love and put your heart and soul into and you want, you NEED others to follow you so you feel validated.

So you feel like you are on the right track.

So YOU can be the one with the huge engaged community of your dream clients.

Because it’s all about the follows right?  And the likes, and the comments and the ‘engagement’.

That’s how you make money.  Right?

That’s how you grow your following of raving fans that always buy from you. Right?

Hmmm… well that’s not working.

So, what next?

You go find people that you think are successfully doing who what you do and you sign up for their free shit… that you never read or really take in and implement.

You join courses… that you never finish.

You read and scroll and search and learn… hoping… that soon, you will have a business that STANDS OUT amongst the sea of other businesses.

You want so desperately to be one of those businesses that posts something and instantly has 487 comments…. but you don’t know how.

You need to figure out how YOU can be that expert that people are looking for…. but you don’t know how.

You want to connect with your audience so they are engaged… but you don’t know how.

You crave a community, a tribe, of people that want what you got and need what you have to offer… but you don’t know how.

You want to raise your prices and be seen as the expert THAT YOU ARE…. but you don’t know how.

You think to yourself, I’m just gonna go sit in the corner and cry or huddle under a blankie on the couch eating a bucket of ice cream bingeing on Netflix… because that makes it all go away… for now… until tomorrow when you start this whole thing over again.

So.. what do you do?

You put on your big girl panties, you go OUT, you take ACTION…. the kind of ACTION that isn’t begging for follows or likes on your social media.

You take the kind of ACTION that will teach you actionable, easy, proven strategies that start with YOU and your business.

You need to provide VALUE,
You need to explain the TRANSFORMATION,
You need to build a brand EXPERIENCE,
You need to tell your STORY,
You need to share your VALUES,
You need to be EMOTIONAL and CONNECT,
You need your BRAND to look and feel and embody YOU

Because ALL of that is what will make your brand STAND OUT.

THIS is what is going to attract and engage those people that will become raving fans and consistently buy whatever it is that you are selling.

NOT some fake follows and like because it was from a post with 1398 comments of others begging for likes and follows.

If you are sick of finding yourself stuck in this never ending circle of not being seen, not being heard….

THEN, you NEED to check out this amazing workshop that I am hosting with the Gold Coast Girls in Business.

August 21st – 10am – brunch – champagne – networking – socialising – having fun – LEARNING – 

LEARNING the strategies that will make your brand STAND OUT.    

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I look forward to seeing you there!  It is going to be so much fun!  Because, when you’re having FUN…. everything else just flows and it all becomes easier.



Are you sending the right message to your audience?

I’d like to ask you a couple of questions – business owners ~

Take a look at your logo and your website… do these things shout out to the world who you are and what you believe in?

Do they send the message that you want to be sending?

Can potential clients and customers see your value or the problem that you can solve for them easily?

Do they scream YOU?


Is your logo just a little piece of designing that has no meaning other than it looks pretty and has colours you like and your business name?
Does it relate to your target audience or is it just something you like the look of?

Does your website convey you message effectively?

Does it ’embody’ your BRAND or just ‘match’ your logo?

Does it speak to your audience or does it just talk about you?

When you look at them, your logo and your website, do you get the vibe that it embodies who you are and what you stand for? Does your audience get that vibe?


Does it look like everyone else?
Are you just another one of ‘them’ floating in a sea of sameness?

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have a truly authentic BRAND, not just a logo or website or biz cards that all match.

You will never attract the right dream clients for your business if you don’t have your branding right. You will never be seen as a true expert that can charge premium prices if you don’t have your branding right.

So, I ask you to take a good hard honest look and if you find that your brand isn’t really a brand, then I invite you to click this link right here –> CONTACT ME NOW to send me an email and let me know that you are interested in fixing your branding. I would love to hear from you and find out how I can help YOU!

You really can’t afford to put it off any longer. Think of how much money you could be losing right now by waiting this long already.