BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka



Stop TRYING my love.

Stop trying to be something or someone that you are not.  Especially to those who are out of alignment with you. There is no use trying with people who are committed to misunderstanding you or being in your power and energy to only take from you.

Stop throwing your energy at them and giving them attention.

Walk away.
And do not hold the thought that it may in some way be cold or selfish.  It is not.

It is saying, to yourself and the world, that your energy is precious and you are unavailable to spend it on anyone or anything that does not serve you or your highest good.

Do not stay in a place or around people that make you feel emotionally exhausted because your energy is better spent on things that level you up and better yourself, building your biz, working on your mindset, nurturing your brand, etc…

Let them go in peace.
If you were meant to have a connection the universe will work it out.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when it is painful and disappointing. Sometimes these lessons hurt the worst, almost sacrificial, but it is time to KNOW that you are all that you ever need.

You do not need anyone outside of YOURSELF to validate you, make you feel worthy or valuable.

YOU are always enough and perfect exactly as you are.

Have faith and believe that everything always works out for you and all that happens is for your highest good.

Everything happening in your life right now is setting you up to live your best life.

FEEL gratitude for these lessons because without them, you wouldn’t be the you that you are right now.

And you, right now, are PERFECT.

So, stop trying, stop trying so very hard and let it go.

And know that you are always more than enough… and PERFECT.






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From here, you create, share and sell your offers, services or products or… you go get a massage or do something to take care of YOU.

You do whatever needs to be done from the place of aligned action.

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