Sitting on the fence?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Sitting on the fence?


Sitting on the fence.?

Have you ever found yourself there?

Looking over at both sides,
should I,

Both sides are tempting.

One is safe and comfortable and normal… the usual, familiar…. BORING.

The other side is exciting and scary, full of what-ifs and doubt and faith… it holds something new, GREENER GRASS perhaps?

It’s a precarious position – THE FENCE.

Sitting there can keep you from reaching your potential.

From reaching something NEW.

Something FUN and EXCITING…. A new place to explore, new business to get, new people to meet, new things to do, a new way to BE.

If you have ever found yourself sitting on the fence before, maybe once or maybe all the freaking time, but never had the courage to jump, never had the tenacity to jump, never had the balls to jump, never had the faith to jump…..

Today is that day.

For all of you savvy business owners and entrepreneurs and side hustlers, that have ever been on the fence wondering where to go ALL IN and get that

NEW website

UPDATED branding or logo

LAUNCH that sales funnel / course / program or package

Then TODAY is that day that you JUMP OFF THE FENCE and onto the OTHER SIDE.

The fun side, the exciting side, the NEW SIDE.

Today only I am having a FLASH SALE – for all of you perched precariously on the fence.

If you’re wondering whether to jump, the ask yourself, “what would happen if I DIDN’T jump?”

Life would continue to be the same. Nothing would change. You will be where you have always been.

Let me ask you –

are you happy there?
Is it exciting there?
Do you wake up in the morning excited to work and do your thing?
Do you go to bed at night totally stoked that you fulfilled your purpose for the day?

Now, look inside and ask yourself again – “what COULD happen if I DO jump off the fence onto the other side?”


Today’s the day my friends.

The day that you JUMP.


Your chance to save $1000’s…. right here, right now!

You can take that leap of faith, get something new and shiny and fancy, feel those FEELS that you get when you do crazy shit like this.

It’s today.

Now or never.

What you are going to do?

I see 3 options

1 Climb back down to the side that you have always been on, will always be on, wondering about the excitement and new possibilities of the OTHER side, doing the same old thing, no changes, hustling and bustling in the busy-ness of business.

2 Sit there on top the fence looking at both sides, day dreaming, wishing you had the guts to jump, telling yourself that you’ll do it…. One day… soon…. But there you stay, never knowing if either side is the right place.

3 DECIDE right now to do it, to JUMP, to take the leap and DO THE DAMN THING. Get the upgrade, see if it changes anything – which it will, merely because you JUMPED.  Upgrade your business, your brand, your website and be stoked about it because it’s new, it’s exciting and the feelings you experience of the unknown, of what’s to come.


So…. Which one are you going to do?



Because if you don’t, you will wonder, WHAT IF I just did it?

Life is now, today is the day to JUMP!

If you do DECIDE to jump, first – get EXCITED! … then –  message me – right now –  or give me a call on 0438 934 499 and we’ll see what’s on the other side of a new website or a new sales funnel or some new branding!

-to saying YES to life.


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