| By Stephanie Zahalka


myBrand ReBOOT*

Our time spent together in this session will totally open you mind to the possibilities available to you and at the same time get really clear on exactly WHAT you do, WHY you do it, WHO you do it for, who YOU are and HOW to put it all together to create a truly authentic brand that compels people to engage & buy.

They. Buy. You.

And that is when the MONEY FLOWS.
That is when the perfect clients FLOW.
That is when life FLOWS.

That is when YOU and your brand are one and the same.

You get a 2-3 hour 1:1 coaching and strategy session with me.
During this session, prepare to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic ‘100% YOU’ badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!
We’ll identify your kickass brand strategy, identity, message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a smokin’ hot offer & strategy to sell it and so much more.
AND… there’s a bonus


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