Say what you can’t NOT say….
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Say what you can’t NOT say….

If you really want to own your power – say what you have to say.
Say it.
With conviction.
With belief.
Say it because you can’t NOT say it.

Sure there will be people who do not like what you are saying. At all.
So what?
Does that affect you?

It Shouldn’t. Others opinions are infinitely varied and it does not matter what ‘they’ think.

If it does, then you need to stop looking outside of yourself for validation and approval. That is a long sad unfulfilling road to travel.

When you believe in something and feel strongly about it to the point where you have to share it, tell it to the world, write about it and talk about it and sell it – then it matters not what others say.

You are standing in your truths. Your beliefs.And when you say what you are meant to say, unfiltered, unedited, unapologetic – you are standing in your power.

We are not meant to please or appease everyone.
And you wouldn’t want to.

So stop trying.

Just be you.
Say what you gotta say.
Don’t hold it in – let it out.
Share you message, your art, your energy, your passion.

THAT is when those who matter will listen.

We don’t want to hear what you THINK will please everyone.
we don’t want to hear what you think will sell the easiest.
We want to hear your truth.
We want to hear your passion, your conviction…
What you WANT to talk about.
What you NEED to talk about.

That is what we want to hear.
That is what people want to buy.

Own you power.
Say your words.
Share your message.
Stay on your path and do not worry about what everyone else is doing.
It’s none of your business.

YOUR business is your business.
Share THAT with me.
Tell me about it and why you are so passionate about it, why you are so good at it, why it is your superpower.

That is what it is about.
What it has always ever been about.

Who the fuck are you and why do you do what you do?
OWN it.
BE it.

Don’t let anyone stop you.
Do what it takes and keep going.

This is what makes YOU your brand.
All of it IS your brand.
Your truth.
Your message.
Your art.
Your business.
Your superpowers.
Your unique skills.
Your gift.
WHO you are.

Make sure you let it out, your way and BE who you’ve always meant to be – share it with the world.
To not do so would be selfish.
You would be depriving us of your power!

So…. what is it you are meant to say?

Steph Zahalka

remember, you really CAN have it all – just #followthefeelgood

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