My new reality… and what the hell I am meant to do
Blogging | By Stephanie Zahalka

My new reality… and what the hell I am meant to do


Hey girlfriend!

I say that all upbeat, in that high pitched voice we all use when saying HI and BYE… (I  know you do it too, we all do LOL)


I’m not feeling too upbeat at the  moment.

Actually I FEEL scared shitless.

I’ve been doing a lot of mindset and inner work and I’ve been discovering things… SOUL things.  What I’m meant to do on this planet at this time kinda THINGS.




What the fuck…. AM.  I.  GOING.  TO.  DO.  ??

Well, I guess I am going to DO the THING.

I am just going to do it. I will listen everyday and feel what I am meant to do NEXT.  Then I will do THAT.

Baby steps.

I have to remember and tell myself, BABY STEPS.

I KNOW that every choice that I make is PERFECT and I can never make the wrong choice or decision because I TRUST and have FAITH and BELIEVE that I always make the perfect choice for ME.


Baby steps it is.

That first step is DONE.

It is right here.

Writing it down, right now.

Recognising it.

Choosing it.

Deciding that is so, because it fucking IS.


So, here you go.  Here I go.


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