It’s time to think differently about your brand and business.

Working together starts with a ReBOOT!

  The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand in new ways. Your mind will be blown BOOM!


The Jungle Design Team will take it all in & strategise - your brand message, - your brand values, - identify your kickass value proposition - who your target market is - a kick ass offer - an action plan to move forward - and, if we're a good fit, details on how we can work together We’ll learn the special ingredients that make you YOU and compels people to engage & buy.


When you gain CLARITY everything changes.


If you don't know WHO you are or WHY you do it, then you will never reach the level of success that you desire. You need to be in alignment with your business and you do that with your branding. You don't do that with a logo re-design or changing your colours or fonts or a new website template.


You do that with a BRAND ReBOOT!

You get a 2-3 hour 1:1 coaching and strategy session with me.

During this session, prepare to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic '100% YOU' badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!
We'll identify your kickass brand strategy, identity, brand message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a kick ass bulls eye offer and so much more. Whatever needs to come up and out, so can get to the real YOU, the real BRAND - nothing is off limits.

AND.... as a BONUS

You'll get an additional 7 days of support, guidance & advice on all of the strategies that we extracted so that you can keep the momentum going and create & implement everything from our session!!!

valued at $447 - yours FREE with the Brand ReBOOT! $697

prices excl. gst




You have a business. Your baby. You put your heart and soul into it. But is it working? You feel there is something MISSING. Something WRONG. Something that you can’t put your finger on. Is it the not so awesome, pain in the ass clients that you seem to be attracting? Or is it the freebie, cheap ass, discount seeking clients knocking on your door? Is it the gut wrenching dropping of your prices and low balling everywhere? Or the soul sucking shit you seem to be doing day in and day out that has nothing to do with your passion and what you FEEL you were meant to be doing? When you FEEL like this, there is a DISCONNECT between YOU and your business. You probably started your business with a logo (because you have to, right?) and some business cards and a website (because, duh). That is like decorating a room before you’ve built the house. You need to figure out the shit that comes BEFORE you start decorating. You NEED to get CLEAR on what it is you really do. What you are meant to do. What you are called to do. What you love to do. What you feel you must do. Then ask WHY. Why why why and then why again.

And when you get CLEAR on this shit, you get clear on your BRAND.

And you can do this by starting with a BRAND ReBOOT for gaining total brand clarity. Forget the RULES – burn them. Let’s start at the beginning, go all in and find out WHO YOU ARE, WHO you’re meant to help. WHAT you’re meant to do. WHAT you love to do. WHAT your passion it. WHY you do it. And then we will know HOW you put it together, get clear on your branding and get it out there so you can start attracting those SOUL mate clients, charging prices that you are meant to charge, and sharing your true skills, talents and message with those you are meant to help. If you’re READY to get really CLEAR and finally have a brand that shows the world the real YOU, the real stuff you DO and WHO you do it for, then a BRAND ReBOOT is for you.

Because what I really want is to help women rise up and discover WHO THEY ARE and reveal their unique skills and step into who they are meant to be in life and BUSINESS.

I want to help you create a BRAND that is truly authentic, totally 100% unfiltered YOU.

And THEN the magick happens. There is a reason that you are HERE. There is a reason that you are reading this RIGHT NOW. It’s time to stop hiding gorgeous. It’s time to truly step into who you are meant to be. Come on, let’s find out. Together. On a trip… to ReBOOT YOUR BRAND, So you can create a brand that bridges the gap between YOU and your business so they are one and the same!

“She has helped to build my confidence around my brand....”

Steph has been coaching me now for about 6 weeks including doing a full brand reboot session. This girl is freaking amazing! She has helped to build my confidence around my brand, provided me with some really good insight and tips and tricks into my marketing, kept me honest, and has been a wealth of knowledge. I am now really clear on the services that I offer, am comfortable with my own worth and having this reflect in my pricing and am about to launch a new incredible website. None of this would have been possible without Stephs help. THANK YOU!!!!

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What are you waiting for?

That's right, what are you waiting for? You've come this far, read all the way to the bottom of the page. The only thing left to do is ReBOOT your BRAND!