Design for Web + Print | By Stephanie Zahalka

Mixed Messages?

Mixed Messages.


Does your branding match what you are selling? For example: if you are marketing cutting edge websites but your website looks likes it’s from the 90?s, you are not going to impress potential customers. If you are marketing yourself as a modern company don’t use Comic Sans on your flyers. It’s really important that the personality of the brand and the marketing message work well together or you are going to have confusion and a disconnect. Clearly defining your brand personality can eliminate any gaps between branding and marketing messages.

With the web & social media, chances are the customer will see your brand before meet you. Having solid branding is no longer a luxury but a necessity in staying competitive with the market. You should most definitely invest your time & money in to both or you will send mixed messages!

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Luxury is a vibe. High-end is an energy.


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To truly stand out, connect with your audience, and convert clients, your brand must be more than just a pretty logo. It needs an elevated sense of luxury and premium vibes that leave a lasting impression long after you leave the room

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