Brand Consulting & high level strategy
So you can shift into expansion and step into the next level

You're ready to uplevel, elevate and activate your multi-million dollar brand!


When you have an established brand, people EXPECT to pay more. When you MASTER your brand, people WANT to pay more. But, you must make sure every touchpoint of your brand backs that up.

It's time to stop being a business owner and step into being a BRAND.

You've been in business for awhile, you have clients, you have a proven process, you make sales and get your clients results. You're beyond the point of DIY and desire to work with a skilled brand expert that will transform you into a highly paid, stunningly premium and sought after brand.

This is for the powerful + expert entrepreneur who is ready to dominate their industry, be seen as an indisputable industry leader and have a luxe high-level brand with premium clients and next-level income.


Why choose me as your brand consultant?

I've been here, in this space, working with businesses, creating multi-million dollar brands for over 2 decades. The unique, results-driven and multi-award winning process that I have developed positions you to be taken seriously, it opens previously closed doors and more lucrative opportunities present themselves.

My skillset is perfectly suited for those who desire to raise the bar, increase their prices, uplevel their offers, require a higher level of clientele, upgrade their message and elevate their brand position BUT their brand is the one they got years ago and is grossly outdated and no longer relevant to where you want to go.

You know, deep down, that it's time to step into the light and be SEEN on a global scale, play bigger, go all in and create the business and life of your dreams... and you do that by intentionally curating every single element and touchpoint of your brand with me by your side.

Brand Leader

High level consulting, strategy and guidance
to amplify your authority, status and expertise.

You’re a leader and a badass at what you do and it’s time the rest of the world knows it.

For those of you who do what it takes 'no matter what' when it comes to your dreams and goals
For those who know they are meant for more than where they are at.
For those who want to redefine your brand presence and position
and refine the way you show up and transform the way you and your dream clients see your business...

I guide you on the path to building your multi-million dollar brand
that you AND YOUR AUDIENCE are totally obsessed with.

If you're not quite ready for a full brand transformation and upgrade

These one-off, incredibly powerful brand strategy intensives will give you the insight, the moves, the next steps you need to take to show up and claim your position as a superior and powerful brand leader allowing you to evolve and grow while staying consistent and true to your brand.

This is your invitation...

to step into being an indisputable industry leader and BE the world-class brand that gets you PAID HIGHLY for just being all of YOU.

When you have someone to keep you on track,
help you create more impact, confidently own who you are,
speak your truth and express yourself,

When you know, you know

For high-achieving coaches, consultants,
creative entrepreneurs, professionals and service providers
ready to transform their business and scale their income to multi-6, 7 and 8 figures.

You just have to be willing to choose to Be that person


Evolution, growth and change are inevitable. You need to make sure your mission, vision, purpose and values are still relevant to who you’ve become And more importantly Who you want to become and where you want to go.

This 90 minute brand intensive is focused on reviewing, redefining and upgrading your brand foundation so it elevates you to the future vision you hold. When there is a mismatch or incongruence, your audience will feel it and disconnect.

This will ensure a deep connection that leads to stronger buying decisions from your aligned audience.

We will look at where you’re at, where you want to go and map out a plan of action that you can take away and implement to make sure the foundation and strategic direction of your brand are dialed in and doing the heavy lifting of attracting and selling the right people.

Let's strengthen your foundation so everything you do is aligned, cohesive and easier because you know what you're doing, where you're going and why.

90 minute 1:1 Strategy session

Session recording included.



What do you say when someone asks ‘what makes you different?’
Can you clearly articulate why someone should choose you over your competitors?
Do you know where you sit in the market, who your audience is and the right price point in relation?
Knowing these things is one thing - but to have them on paper, as an integral part of your brand is another.

If you’re ready to raise your prices, elevate your positioning, attract a higher level of clientele and be SEEN as the premium option for your audience - the POWER POSITIONING intensive is for you.

This 90 minute intensive will give you the answers to those questions for the next iteration of your brand. We don't’ work in the ‘now’, we work on what you’re stepping into.

We will review your current position, point of difference, pricing and audience, discover the gaps and plan the upgrades so it embodies the essence of where you're headed and you know exactly what needs to be done.

90 minute 1:1 Strategy session

Session recording included.



When your visuals are messy, scream DIY, look like every other ‘canva’ user out there - you do not stand out and you do not look or feel premium. This scares away premium clients and you are not taken seriously.

This inconsistency and seemingly lack of care or intention WILL keep you from those big income wins and awesome clients that you crave so badly.

The power of the mood, style, visuals, energy and vibe of your brand is not to be overlooked or underrated. They have the power to magnetize your perfect audience so they stay longer, consume more and fall deeper in love with your brand.

This 90 minute intensive will take an overall big picture look at the visual presence and identity of your brand to discover the touchpoints and elements that need to be fixed and upgraded and give you a plan of action that you can implement.

When you upgrade your aesthetics, you draw attention, captivate your audience and become the confident, head turning brand your audience can’t get enough of.

90 minute 1:1 Strategy session

Session recording included.


What’s the only thing that’s holding you back from
insane wealth and the business of your dreams?

A brand that’s outdated, uninspired, or just not you...

which is why you have ME.