Shift into expansion
Step into the next level

It gets to be easy, it gets to be fun & it gets to be YOUR way!


I solve the "I desire to have a luxe, vibey brand that I am obsessed with and it just so 'ME' and easy and fun and magnetizes my dream clients into my world but have no idea HOW to do it or where to start" problem.

For the intelligent, powerful + sassy woman who would rather have fun than a fancy handbag but still wants the luxe high-level brand with premium clients and next-level income.


Why choose me as your brand & business strategist?

I've been here, in this space, working with businesses, creating next-level brands for over 2 decades. I've gone through what you are going through. I've had the same problems, I've felt those intense pressures...

I've walked through the fire and come out the other side. I've evolved, I've grown, I've expanded, I've discovered a new way of BEING, the energy, the mindset, the leadership of someone who has been there and led herself through.

We are safe. We are doing great. We want a life beyond reason. We play with fear for fun. THAT is when everything works out... when we do it for FUN.

Brand Leader

Activate, Align, BE the brand that lights up your soul

For those of you who are leaders
For those of you who do what it takes 'no matter what' when it comes to your dreams and goals
For those who know they are meant for more than where they are at.
For those who are comfortable & grateful with where they are at because they KNOW they are on their way to where they want to be
For those that can lead themselves ...

I can show you the path to building your 6-figure brand
that you are totally obsessed with.

I can walk with you because I am doing the same.
I INVITE you to take that first step,
lead yourself
stand in your power
move towards your desires
grab hold of the things that can help you get there faster

and simply decide
for yourself whether you want to walk that path with the options presented to you.

Either way is perfect as long as it is your choice.

There is no convincing,
there is no forcing,
there is no manipulation,

I am holding space for you, ready for you when you DECIDE that you are ready to leap towards your goals, to build your 6-figure brand.

The tools are here, I'm here, I've got your back ~ for the self-led person who wants it all.

Question is... Are you confident and bold enough to use them?

When you know, you know

It’s an adventurous journey.
It’s a shift into expansion and a step into that next level.
It can happen quicker and easier than you can imagine.

We just have to be willing to choose to Be that person


If you're looking to BE a premium brand leader that gets you PAID for just being all of YOU, this is your invitation...

For high-achieving coaches, creative entrepreneurs and service providers ready to transform their business and scale their income.

Working together is a three, six or twelve-month, one-on-one strategy and creative intensive to redefine and refine the way you show up and will transform the way you and your dream clients see your business.

If you're afraid, know this:
you made it here - trust yourself
you cannot fail at being who you are.
Take bold steps to discover precisely who you serve, what you offer and why. Because when you're crystal clear, you can...

Express your high-value expertise
Confidently raise your rates successfully
Be seen as an indisputable industry leader
Leave a lasting impression on your audience
Attract more high-paying dream clients
Step into vibes of a high-end brand

When you have someone help you unlock your voice and you own who you are, speak your truth and express yourself, the MORE MONEY YOU'RE GONNA MAKE.

Brand Leader - Private 1:1
This is a hybrid of both strategy + coaching
3 calls per month
Unlimited Weekly Voxer Access
Nothing off limits - VIP Luxury vibes

3 months - $9k

6 months - $16k

12 months - $30k


Would you love to experience being the most sought after for your expertise?
To be seen as the premium option.
Being asked to present, speak and show up in front of new audiences?
Do you desire to be the talk of the town and have more opportunities fall into your lap consistently?

My VIP Co-Creation days are perfect for coaches, creative entrepreneurs and service providers who’ve been in business for 2+ years but feel stuck in DIY mode and ready to step into CEO boss mode.

You know it’s time to partner with a branding expert who goes deeper than colours and fonts.

Together, we’ll extract your big ideas and weave them into a cohesive brand strategy that conveys your highest value. Because when your clients see your true value, you can work less and earn more.

Join me for a VIP Co-Creation day and collaborate with a creative and strategic brand expert on your:


VIP Co-Creation days are 2 x 3 hour sessions

You get the recordings plus everything we create together on the day is your intellectual property and becomes your brand asset.



Business, making money, high level impact gets to be FUN and you can get what you need quickly and on the spot with single and bundled intensives.

Collapse time and calibrate to that next level now!

Sometimes all we desire is just a bit of advice or some guidance without paying a fortune.

This can include a general look and adjustment in your business
or focus on one thing and really nail it, get it going and build momentum
You choose and I will meet you there

Your branding & visuals
Your offers & launches
Your sales & marketing strategy
Your social media plan & visibility
Whatever you need to get where you want to go


60 minute 1:1 Strategy session

90 minute strategy session + 7 days of Voxer support

30 day 1:1 Strategy Intensive over Voxer

What’s the only thing that’s holding you back from
insane wealth and the business of your dreams?

A brand that’s outdated, uninspired, or just not you...

which is why you have ME.