Marketing can’t exist without branding
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Marketing can’t exist without branding

Marketing CAN’T Exist Without Branding, and Vice Versa


Most people, when they want more clients or income or to grow their business, they go straight to marketing. They hire a marketing company, bypassing the branding element because they need sales now, and branding feels like a “nice to have” or not totally necessary.

NO NO NO. Just no. ❌

Try to market a business with no clear voice, focus, message, or reason you’re BETTER than everyone else
(besides that you “care more”, OMG eewww 🤢!),
and you will guaranteed spend a whole lot of time and a bunch of money to get zero results and then bitch and moan that this whole “marketing thing” doesn’t work.

But the same is true for building a brand without planning to go all-in on your marketing. The two must support each other to increase sales.

You must go all-in on both!

And they must work TOGETHER.

Branding takes a bit more work and insight into who you’re trying to serve, the pains and problems you solve for them. How you want them to see you, and how you’d like them to perceive your unique way to help them. You need to be crystal clear!

It’s getting to the heart of what makes you AWESOME, why people have wanted to hire you in the past, and why they should want to hire you in the future.

And then, you’ll take that and turn it into a noticeable, shareable and memorable brand that can carry your marketing from point to point and make all the right connections.

And once you nail your branding, message, focus and point of difference, it can and should direct all your marketing efforts so that your brand will be consistent in every touchpoint of your business.

THIS! THIS is how you create a business and brand that attracts your high-level clients, demands higher prices and positions you as the go-to person in your industry.

THIS is what I do!

It’s what I’ve spent years refining and why I created my EPIC Presence Method™

I’ve worked with small 1 person businesses, 6 & 7 figure businesses and multi-million dollar companies to build consistent, authentic, badass brands that can scale and level up effectively. I can do the same for YOU!

Isn’t that what you WANT?
Isn’t that what your business needs?

To stop playing small and mish-moshy all over the place….


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