Live a life you will remember…
Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka

Live a life you will remember…

If you want to experience the fabulousness of a true ARTIST – a person who can’t NOT do what is coming from his SOUL – watch the true stories of AVICII.

Seriously i feel like my life has been enriched just watching the story of his life and the music he ‘created’ that is so fucking goddam rad i can’t even…

Knowing his life and story… his songs and music has a 5th dimensional depth to them that i can’t convey in words…. it’s a feeling, it’s energetic… it IS SOUL ..expressed through his music.

Mind blowing, soul expanding… i can feel it in every cell in my body and soul. this may sound woo woo as fuck but omg… watch it and then tell me you feel different.

A true artist, unleashed… we are truly, as a whole, at a loss to not experience what he could have created if he was just listened to instead of forced to feed the money hungry industry, going against his soul.. i am sad that i will not get to feel, hear, experience his (no adjective is good enough) music now that he is gone.

i feel so sad that we will not be able to experience what he could have become. fuck. my heart hurts and is exploding with pure joy at the same time – his art and music is next level.

“Someday you will leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!” -Tim Bergling -Avicii


remember – stay true to your soul – and say no, walk away, from shit that doesn’t light you up. #followthefeelgood

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