Let’s talk money, honey!
Business Strategy | By Stephanie Zahalka

Let’s talk money, honey!

Ooooh How much is that?
Let’s talk about money honey and pricing your shit!
Here are a few key tips! 💰

📌#1 NEVER compete on price. N E V E R !

This is a massive mistake because there will ALWAYS be someone out there who charges less than you… sometimes a LOT less. I see it in the design industry all the time. Someone puts a post asking for a logo or flyer and 35 people comment in the first 1.52 friggin seconds saying they’ll do it for $50. HOLY fuckballs batman. 
How does anyone who is any good or values themself even a little bit compete with that? You can’t. You stand in your power, your value and charge what YOU charge. If someone wants your quality of work, they will hire you. Not everyone buys the cheapest shit out there.

📌#2 Overdeliver VALUE.

Whether you charge a little or a lot like $5k or more, you will ALWAYS want to overdeliver on value. Make them feel like they underpaid by giving them that something extra that turns them into raving fans – it will make you feel good, them feel good and you now have someone who will tell everyone about you and refer you to others. #WINNING!

📌#3 Position your pricing as an INVESTMENT not a cost.

You’re not selling a mattress to someone, you’re selling years of excellent, comfy, satisfying sleep. You are solving a problem that will make their life or business easier… it’s not a cost that no longer has value once consumed – that is an investment.

Always focus on VALUE…. always make sure you keep in mind what you are giving your clients, the problem you are solving and that it is clearly shown to be an investment!

HAPPY FRIDAY and remember – you really can have it all if you just #followthefeelgood

Steph Zahalka


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