Let’s get real… really real
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Let’s get real… really real


So yeah.

I joined a millionaire mastermind group the other day, with a fucking badass chick running the show.

Like where has she been all my life.

I guess where she was meant to be.  And i have been where I am meant to be.

And now… we are meant to be together! hahahaha

Just a few days in and I am more real with my brand than I have ever been.

So real.

Really real.

Really me.

And I love it.  I am so in tune with it and it really excites me.  At the same time a little sad.  Sad because I must not have been really me before.  I was half-assed me.  Afraid to swear too much ME.

Well fuck that shit.  I am a potty-mouth, and my peeps are potty-mouths.  I won’t hide it anymore.  For all you other badass babes that swear like sailor (I should say ‘swear like a mom’), join me!  Join me in letting it all out.

Let your message out whether it’s sweary as fuck or polite and proper.

I tell my clients to be truly themselves, yet…

Here I am, a branding expert, not completely following my own advice. I guess it’s like the landscaper with the shitty yard or the web designer with an old as fuck website.

Well I am listening now.

Listening carefully. Listening to my soul. Listening to the message that needs to come out and into the world. To you.

When you half ass it…

When you only let bits of you out and hold in the rest…

When you are half someone else and half you…

Or when you are totally someone else, acting like someone else, BEING someone else…

You attract the clients that are attracted to that made up, half-assed, ‘tiny bit of you’ person.

That is not an ideal client.  You will not vibe with them. They will not vibe with the real you.

When you let the true you out and set her free and let her go on with her badass self and share her message, that’s when your soul-mate, perfect clients FIND YOU.

When you own your personality and you own your brand and it becomes truly you…  that’s when you MAGNETIZE your tribe to you.  Your clients to you. Your soul friends to you.

I know it all sounds a little off branding and maybe a bit woo woo, but it’s not.

When I am truly myself and let my message out with my website and my posts and my videos and my blogs and all that jazz, then my brand is truly my authentic brand.

My branding is on point.

My branding has a tone of voice.

My branding has a message.

My branding has an ideal client.

And when I am REALLY REAL, then I the badass business peeps out there that vibe with my energy, call ME, and find ME and want to work with ME.

As opposed to chasing THEM, calling THEM, begging for their work.

uuggh ewww, let’s stop that shit STAT!

So, I am calling you out and inviting you to step into YOU.

What do you feel?  What do you have to say?

Let it out.  Let it all out.

And… see what happens.

Do this everyday. Keep on doing it. Take the action. Be your brand.  Be authentic. BE YOU.

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