Let inspiration just flow…
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Let inspiration just flow…


Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am going to write today.

What is the message that needs to come out?

What am I here to do… today?
Who do I need to be?

Because today is all that matters.

Right here, right now
and right now
and right now
and right now.

Do you see?

Do you see how that is the only thing that matters.

You can’t change your past, it is what it is and it is exactly as you manifested it.

Just like a moment ago is exactly as you manifested it.

The future is not yet here and it CAN change now
and now
and now….
and now.

The future is out there, somewhere out of reach because all you have, all we ever have is right here, right now.

So what is the message right now?

Well, I guess the message right now is to tell you, to motivate you, to inspire you, to tune into the message.

Let it flow.

Feel good in the knowing that the message is coming and that you are available to receive it and to share it or create an offer around it or sell it or give it away or just revel in the message itself and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

If you find yourself worried about the future, stop.

Stop and take a look at where you are.

What are you doing right now, today to move you forward?
Who are you BEING that feels good right now?

From that space of tuning in to just right now, you will always be okay.

You will be inspired.

You will be inspired to take action. The only action needed right now in order to move forward.

So… if this all sounds like woo woo WTF are you on about Steph… then stop.

Tune in and ask yourself, what am I meant to do right now?
How am I meant to feel, Who am I meant to BE?

Because right now is all that matters.

When you are tuned in, you can’t make the wrong decision, because every decision is right and PERFECT for you at this time.   It is not clouded by the past or the hopes of the future, it is in tune with only right now.

BE excited in the fact that whatever you choose right now is PERFECT and it will ALWAYS work out for you.

So, right now…. what you are going to do?
Who are you going to BE?



PS…. Have you HEARD?

I have gone and done THE THING!  I’ve done it and it is UNLEASHED!

Soul branding has been uleashed!

WTF is soul branding?

Well, it’s not your everyday, average, logo designing, my colours match everything type of branding.  This is something extra.

Something so different….

I am gonna turn this industry on it’s mother fucking head!

But – it’s not for everyone.

There are a group of you out there that know, KNOW, that the industry standard or the rules that everyone plays by are not for them.

You play by your own rules.

But…. You don’t quite know exactly how to go about it.

What to do next

Where to go

What to say

What to sell

How to launch it



The thing that you know you must do.

To be yourselves

To do your art and your passion and create a business that revolves around you and how you truly are authentically.

you don’t want to sell boring ass shit just for the sake of making money.

Its fine if you’re one of those people – if you are even still reading this.

But if you are still reading this then you ARE one of the few of the few that feel, that need, that desire for more than just the everyday grind and hustle.

For more of doing the things that light you up

Selling in a way that is easy

Being your brand and showing and sharing that brand in a way this aligned to who you are.

You don’t want just a logo and a website and business card to be left to your own devices of playing by other people’s rules

Downloading strategy after strategy, taking course after course, looking, searching for the one that will fit YOU.

The one that aligns with you

The one that makes it all so easy and fun and flowy.

The one that makes you jump out of bed in the morning excited to do the work, to do what you are called to do.

The one that makes you go to bed at night totally satisfied with your day.

You need, you desire to have the knowledge of how to do this easily.

How to become your brand and your brand become you so that everything that you do is aligned and in tune and energetically you.

Sure, you can do posts and livestreams and sell your shit by being you, but you find yourself wondering if you are doing it right.

Wondering if you are ‘on brand’

Wondering if it all matches and feels right and cohesive, if it all makes sense to the people that you want to work with.

Well, that my lovelies, is about to be mother fucking sorted!

I am about to open up 10 spots to work with me for 6 weeks to kick your ass into brand alignment.

It all starts with the mindset of actually knowing who you are and what you really want to do.

How you speak, what you want to say and getting your head around doing it every day.

Of getting into the space of being you and taking action from there.

Then we get into a deep dive of your brand and fine tuning it to who you are and your message and your services and aligning it all up so it resonates with your dream soul mate clients that are overjoyed to pay you in full over and over again.

This can be anything from  changing your colours, your voice, your language, your message, fixing up the copy on your website so it energetically and physically aligns with your true brand.

Following that, we reach in and pull out an offer – a bulls eye target offer that is perfect for you at that moment with who you are, to release onto the world.

We will create, design, get a bit techy, get a bit into the nitty gritty and launch it to whoever needs to hear it, see it, buy it.

All the while continuing to work on your mindset and your energy.

Then we keep going…. I am available to you 1:1 and as a group to share, to coach, to teach, to play and have fun.

You will learn how to step fully into you, your brand, your business so it lights you up and is fun and easy and success just flows to you.

But you have to be willing to do the work.

Success doesn’t come from writing or dreaming about it, you have to do the work, be willing to step into who you truly are and creating or moulding your brand to match and become one with YOU.

That’s when your dream clients find you

That’s when the money flows to you

That’s what you find yourself stoked on life and excited by your business and what the next day will bring.

Sure, it can be scary or daunting, but is that fear big enough and scary enough to keep you from your dreams and desires?

Or are you gonna do it anyway?

If you feel called to step into this fucking amazing program that I am so goddam extra excited about.  Like extra extra…. Then I invite you to PM and we can chat further.

You will come out the other side a different person – but at the same time, the same person that has been set free, that has stepped outside herself and is not afraid to be what she has become!

Omg give me a fuck yeah!

If it’s a hell yes, then CONTACT me!

Limited spots, tons of fun.

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