Aligned Aesthetics™ ~ High-End Brand Visuals + Presence


Soul Priority's brand is modern with a sophisticated touch of light, flowing and minimal vibes. The earthy and ethereal styles extend throughout the brand while at the use of light & openness in the imagery allows for inspiration and possibilites to be imagined. It’s stylish yet timeless, and appeals to both the high-end professional and the normal middle aged person looking for something more fulfilling and inspires the imagination of what is possible.

Client Love

"Wow! This is the freaking uplevel of UPLEVELS! You've created me my multi-million dollar brand!
Working with you... I got to expand into more of myself and started to embody this huge brand you created for me instead of staying small. My brand is like a Ferrari you gave me that I now have to perfect driving. This brand will hold my future vision and everything that I am planning - which is huge. You don't just see our brand, you see our voice and vision and create depth to the feeling of our brand that is beyond what we can see. You are for people who are ready to take themselves to a 7-figure level, who are ready to be SEEN by millions of people and willing to be who they need to be.
~Mariko Frederick"