Luxury Brand Transformation ~ High-End Brand Visuals + Presence + Full Strategy


Free Spirit Living / Integrated Pelvic Care is fun and vibrant with a sophisticated touch of nourishing and supportive vibes. The high-end, classy and bright styles extend throughout the brand while at the same time conveying a sense of modern energy. The use of sophisticated-casual femininity in the imagery allows for inspiration and vibrant energy to be felt. It’s stylish yet timeless, and appeals to both the high-end professional woman and the every day woman looking for nourishing support while conveying a safe, welcoming and grounded presence.

Client Love

"Grateful to Steph Zahalka for a world class experience on my branding project – helping me gain even more clarity in my mission.
My experience with Steph was exceptional from our first call to the time I received the absolutely incredible deliverables at the end of our time together. It was clear to me that she knew what she was doing and I fully trusted her and her process the entire time. Internet land is full of people claiming to be branding experts, but Steph is the real deal.
It felt so liberating to put this project in her hands and deeply trust that she has GOT it. The way that she extracted my expertise and mission and alchemized it into exactly what I needed was exceptional. She is an ACTUAL artist, with a keen eye and brilliant process. I see so many “brands” coming out looking like the brand of the person who did the branding rather than the exquisite uniqueness of the individual or company that owns the brand.
Working with Steph is a guaranteed way to ensure that your brand truly stands out AND genuinely feels like you! It has been an absolute privilege and honor to work with Steph through this process and the entire experience took me, my brand and my mission to the next level."