Luxury Brand Transformation ~ High-End Brand Visuals + Presence + Full Strategy


Beyond EQ elegant with a sophisticated touch of rebel fierceness and provocative vibes. The powerful and bold styles extend throughout the brand while at the same time conveying a sense of modern energy and confidence. The use of both masculine concepts with elegant femininity in the imagery allows for exciting, intelligent and sexual energy to be felt. It’s stylish yet timeless, and appeals to both the high-end professional woman & the executive male looking for something more fulfilling, connective and supportive while inspiring the imagination of what is possible in a fun yet elegant way.

Client Love

"Investing in branding WILL change your life!! Steph Zahalka is a genius!! Please reach out to her when you’re ready and tell her I sent your ass!
She has elevated me and my brand so fast, and I am barely even starting with a strategy to implement yet, and this has been months in the making.
BeyondEQ is a global brand and THE leading branding in Emotional and Energetic Intelligence. You come to us when you are ready to skyrocket your team and your personal journey.
Steph, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You gave me the confidence to own my authority. Rather, you gave me the frame and those projector balls to see it for myself.
I love you BEYONDEQ!! Hahahhaha yay!! Best experience ever!!"