Joy is the key to having it all
MINDSET | By Stephanie Zahalka

Joy is the key to having it all

I was talking to Nina this morning about gratitude and being happy and when she is not happy, that she can choose to change how she feels. 🙌

I told her a story that I heard – about a Grandma and her 2 grandchildren.

The grandma was taking the kids, a boy and a girl, to the fair. She noticed as soon as she picked them up that the boy was pretty grumpy and just being a frowny McFrown frown. The girl on the other hand was smiling so big and just so excited for the day that she spontaneously burst out in giggles for no apparent reason other than pure happiness.

BIG difference between the two…. which made it easier to sit back and observe them during the course of the day.

It started in line.. a long line.. the boy was moaning and groaning and hating the line so he was too grumpy to notice anything other than the long line.

The little girl on the other hand didn’t mind the long line, because she was enthralled with the acrobats off to the side to entertain those in line. She was beside herself with excitement for the beautiful costumes they were wearing and the amazing tricks they were doing.

Once inside, the little boy, with his frown, just looked down and kicked the dirt while they walked around the fair, not noticing anything or paying attention.

The little girl, with her huge smile of delight, noticed everything and enjoyed looking at it all and as she did, stall holders were giving her lollies and she got a balloon and even a sticker.

As the day went on, the boys day just got worse and worse, the little girls got better and better. She won games and stuffed animals, he didn’t get anything.

When you are in a bad mood and stay stuck in the muck and yuck and grumpy, dissatisfied feeling – you get MORE YUCK. You get more of what you focus on, more nothing, more shit.

When you are happy and feel joy and excitement, you attract more of that. More feel good, more fun, more joy. People are attracted to you delight and they feel good and want to keep feeding it, give you things, compliment you, return the smile.

That’s why people who are having a bad luck, keep having more bad luck and people who seem to be lucky, end up having good luck all day long.
So…. where am I going with this?

Whether in life, or relationships or in business or anything really – when things aren’t going your way or it seems like you’re pushing shit uphill, STOP.🛑

Take a moment, feel into what you feeling, notice it, thank it, release it.
You do NOT need to keep yourself feeling that way. It is not necessary. Sure you can acknowledge the shit, but just as quickly move on.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.
Life is meant to be easy.
You are just stuck in old programming that keeps you focused on what you don’t have or don’t want.
Stop it.
Change your perspective.
Change your train of thoughts.
Look left instead of right.
Go this way instead of that.
Walk away if you don’t like the conversation or situation.

CHOOSE to be happy and choose to feel good.
Do something that brings your focus to something else, something you like, a memory or an item…. whatever it is, get yourself in the space of satisfaction or gratitude.

When you are there, that is when you notice the beautiful life going on around you. Instead of a long hot shitty line – you will see the beautiful acrobats and show (life) going on right beside you.

One of my (many) intentions for 2019 is to always be aware of how I feel and move in the direction of satisfaction, delight, excitement, fun, laughter, JOY!

Be aware of how you feel at all times – it gets easier and easier to follow the feel good when you notice how you feel and then choose how you want to feel.

You really CAN have it all – just remember to #followthefeelgood


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