It’s time… to release the old and make space for the new
Blogging | By Stephanie Zahalka

It’s time… to release the old and make space for the new


So, my friends  – it is time.

Time to release and let go of the old.

I had fun, I learned tons, met fabulous people and did work that I truly loved to do and had fun doing it.

But… I have leveled the fuck up and I have outgrown the ‘work’.

It is not a failure to move on from something that no longer serves. It merely means that you have outgrown it and you have the balls to actually move on and step out, further, beyond your comfort zone and do what you are called to do next.

In fact, I believe it would be more of a failure to keep doing something that you have outgrown and no longer ‘feel’ like doing.  To make your soul scream in the agony of doing shit that doesn’t make you grow or light you up or feel fucking fabulous.  That would be the ultimate failure.

So I am stepping past any doubts or fear that may come bubbling up. I am bigger than my bullshit.

I refuse to let my bullshit or ‘stories’ keep me from doing what I am meant to do and BE who I am meant to be.

Say hello to Steph mother fucking Zahalka!

I am stepping past doing the work and have moved into the role of teacher, guide, mentor, coach, the badass who has your back, the chick who will kick your ass to clarity and guide you past your fears and doubts and push you through to the other side – whatever that looks like for YOU.

I have had and do have my own mentors, guides, teachers and coaches… they are gold! They lead me and support me just as I will with you.

I am here for YOU.

All of YOU, all of who you are and who you want to be and who you are meant to be.  Whatever that looks like for you, I will guide you and support you to achieve it.

This is the shit that lights me up and makes my soul sing.  I know you are meant for so much more than just having a business or just making money or selling shit for the sake of selling shit.

Of course making money is part of it because you deserve to make money no matter what you do. But being YOU and running a business and living life and taking action from that space is more important than the superficial mediocrity of just being a business owner cuz it sounded like a good idea.

Follow your passion.  Follow the feel good.  Follow your soul.

And when you’re ready to UNLEASH it, out to the world – I will be here waiting and ready for YOU and together you will have the direction of what to do next and how to do it and how to be your business and be your brand and just be YOU and make money doing it.

Give yourself permission to say YES to your soul.
I just did





So, what’s next?

Well I am glad you asked!!

Pretty freakin stoked at what I am bringing to the table! 🤩

Why? Oh, no reason other than I am seriously living a life and doing work that is nothing short of amazing and fun and i love the shit out it!
So, OF COURSE, I want to share the love!!

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