It’s okay if they don’t like you….
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

It’s okay if they don’t like you….


It’s okay if they don’t like you.
Your branding, your message, your marketing, your voice should all be designed to be in full alignment with you, who you are and what your beliefs are.
You are not meant to work with or be liked by everyone.
Indeed that would be bad because then there would be no filter to keep out those shit clients that are more work than they are worth. You would hate working because when it’s not aligned or your not working with the right people, it becomes hard work.
eewww NO.
The reason I always preach to say what you think and be who you really are with no filter and totally own it is because that is what will attract your dream clients to you.
It will ATTRACT those that are fun and easy to work with
and it will REPEL those that you probably want to stay away from anyway.
So, do not worry about offending anyone or saying the wrong thing. You can’t say the wrong thing – only the wrong people will think it’s wrong and they can go play somewhere else anyway. You don’t want them.
You aren’t meant for everyone and that’s okay ❣️
Focus on owning your uniqueness.
Own your shit babe.
Write YOUR words, use YOUR voice, BE YOUR BRAND.
Totally 100% authentically, unfiltered YOU.
Let your marketing and branding do the work for you….
And watch the perfect dreamy ideal clients start to come through and find you.
PS – If you read that and you’re CRAVING high level support and guidance in your business and levelling up your brand, and someone who TRULY has your back with all things strategy AND mindset, I’m your girl!!!
Not only that, together we will go through your BRAND voice and your marketing / web copy and bring it into alignment with who you are as well have all the fun.
Message me if you’re serious about discussing details ❤️

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