It’s all about your ‘attention’ that gives you what you get
MINDSET | By Stephanie Zahalka

It’s all about your ‘attention’ that gives you what you get


Hello my lovelies! I was just listening to some epic shit and my mind was legit blown! 🤯🤯🤯
check this shit out…..
Think in terms of when you visualize or manifest or if you believe in things like law of attraction —
there is no YES & NO…
They are the SAME thing!
It’s the attention you give to something (whether negative or positive doesn’t matter) that brings it to you!!!
So, what does that mean?
Stop giving ANY attention to anything that you don’t like, that doesn’t make you happy, that doesn’t light you up, that doesn’t raise your mother fucking vibration!
If you focus on it, it is given to you.
You know when you have a bad day and nothing goes right, it’s because you keep thinking about those thoughts and what is going wrong and worrying about what will go wrong next. You are giving it attention so the universe gives you MORE of it.
So… it will take some discipline and conscious effort, but you need to change your thoughts.
Focus on something good, look at something pretty, go swing on a swing (that shit instantly puts me in a happy place) or smell some sweet flowers, go outside, get in the sun (or rain, if prefer), go do something that is POSITIVE and MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!
Even if that means stepping away from you desk or taking a break of some sort…. go sort your shit out by changing your mood.
So, choose happy!
And more happy will come. More good things will come. More love, joy, laughter, abundance – ALL OF YOUR DESIRES will come.
But, you need to CHOOSE HAPPY!
(You’re welcome 😎😍🔥😊)

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