Logos & Branding | By Stephanie Zahalka

Is your restaurant website making these fatal mistakes?

Have you ever wondered if the content on your website sucks? If no one likes your content, you won’t get any social shares or traffic let alone diners flocking to your restaurant.
Follow the tips below, and you’ll increase the likelihood of your website generating bookings and bringing in customers instead of sending them over to your competition. Here’s a few industry pointers that will help you create great content:

Do you know how many people browse your site from their phone?

The way people browse the internet these days is completely different to the way they were using it years ago. If I’m looking for a restaurant to eat at, I am usually already out and about. My family and I usually decide to eat out as a spontaneous decision. We don’t plan these things in advance. This leads to us browsing for restaurant sites on our phones.

Consider the fact that your users might not be looking at your website on a laptop or desktop machine.
Make sure your website is fully responsive and looks good on a phone with easy to access information. You could easily be losing tons of customers by making this one mistake.

Are your photos drool worthy?

Forget taking pictures on your phone. You’re not a photographer, you own a restaurant. To get the best imagery you need to hire a great photographer with knowledge for taking great food shots.

Professional food photographers have trained for this moment. Utilise it. Your food will look the best it can. You’ll have a whole host of imagery that you can use. Not only will your website benefit, but so will your visual marketing, ads, menu designs, social media channels and more.

Don’t underestimate the power of imagery.


Restaurant websites should work to reinforce your brand. The offers they have, the language they use and even the colours are ever present throughout all of your branding efforts.

Make sure that your brand isn’t just an offline thing. Think about your core values and beliefs and work out how to put your best face forward online.

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Luxury is a vibe. High-end is an energy.


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