Inspired ACTION
MINDSET | By Stephanie Zahalka

Inspired ACTION


You know the saying – “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction”?

It’s a good one.

As soon as an idea comes into your beautiful mind, take ACTION.

Write it down.
Explore it.
Do it.

Anything inspired will always work out.  When you take your thoughts and inspired ideas, then combine them with action, you create momentum.

You move forward.

When you do not take action,  your goals, dreams, desires and ideas will just remain thoughts.  Thoughts do not get your where you want to go.

If your amazing, inspired idea is BIG, and scary, then just take one little step.  One little action in a forward direction.  Some action, any action, one step in that direction, the direction of FLOW and the realisation of dreams is the path you need to take.

Before you know it, if you do something every day, at some point not that far ahead in time, the change that happens will be huge.  Before you know it, the thing will be done.

All you simply need to do is move forward, action your plans, follow inspired thoughts.

The more you action, the more you will become.

Inspired ideas combined with your ACTIONS create what manifests in your life.

Just simply action your idea, then another one comes. Action that next one and then another one comes and soon all of your ideas will have manifested.

Continue, daily to create, to listen in and take action on those thoughts and inspired ideas.

Because, when you are so inspired, from within, there is no possibility other than success, which leads to fulfilment and joy – which IS success in and of itself.

So, beautiful, what action are you going to take today?



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