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What is your purpose?

Most people can’t honestly answer that. They probably wish they could and are endlessly searching for what their purpose is or maybe they aren’t even in the space of wondering or caring.

I read a post today that was amazing!  It was really inspiring and brings me to my blog post today.

Your purpose work is your soul’s purpose work.
My purpose work is my soul’s purpose work.

However that looks – totally different or exactly the same – you need to live your purpose.

The HOW doesn’t matter.

I agree with her (her being Katie) that our purpose is to ENJOY our lives!

How do you do that?

Well, it’s not a hard thing to do – enjoy your life.

Start by going out and LIVING it.
Do the things that bring you JOY.
Choose and decide what feels right for you and go do THAT!

You also need to release any judgements you have for yourself or any judgements from anyone else.

YOU enjoying your life IS your purpose work.

How you go and do that is up to you.

We all do it differently and that is perfectly okay.

When you are enjoying your life it doesn’t matter how you do it.  You may do the same thing for your whole life,  You may change you mind a bunch of times and chop and change what you do,  or you may not figure out exactly what it is  – all of it is perfect WHEN you’re enjoying your life.

You see the pattern here?

The JOY, the ENJOYING of…  this is the key.

I’m not sure who it was (there have been countless many) who made up rules that we came into experience of, but those are THEIR rules, not your rules.

Life is meant to be enjoyed – we are here for the ride – not the struggle or doing what someone else said we had to do.

When you are in alignment, it’s okay for your purpose work to change.  We all change in some way all the time. It is the beauty of the expansion and evolution of our being.  The universe expands and we expand.  We will always want more because we grow and expand.  We will never ‘get there’ because when we are there, we have grown and expanded with new things to want and places to ‘get to’.   So the point is to enjoy the journey.  Enjoy your life.  Enjoy what you do everyday.

But, you need to look INSIDE of YOU.  Not to what others say, not what others do, not the bright shiny object that you acquired for free, or maybe paid, that tells you what to do.

I am the same as Katie, I love JOY!  JOY is the feeling and emotion that I tap into everyday when I wake up.  It brings a sense of exhilaration and fun and excitement into your being that sets the tone for the day = ENJOYMENT.

Enjoyment brings with it excitement and excitement brings joy.

If what you are doing does not EXCITE you or bring you joy, then you need to take a serious look at your life, your business, your health, your relationships and make the change in YOU.

It is entirely your responsibility. Everything that you do, everything that you have, everything that you experience is completely YOUR responsibility.

If something sets you off or makes you angry or jealous or triggers you in any way, then you feel gratitude for the experience and ask yourself ‘what do I need to learn from this?  how can I grow from this?’

Feel grateful that you get the chance to grow and expand and REALISE that you are not joyful and that you have the power to change that the very moment you notice this.

Stop judging others for their purpose work and spend more time doing your purpose work.  Don’t blame them for you being triggered, thank them.  Then learn and grow.

My purpose is, of course, to enjoy life.

I love to CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS.  I am a visual artist.

I paint, I draw, I am a graphic designer, I am a branding designer, I am a funnel, landing page designer.  I LOVE creating things of beauty.  It brings me endless JOY.

I get excited when a project comes to me that allows me the creative freedom to make something beautiful and aligned to my client for whatever reason it is for.

This creates IMPACT.

It creates IMPACT in my life because I am living my purpose, and it creates IMPACT in the lives of my clients because they can grow and expand and live their life and feel EMPOWERED and PROUD to BE themselves and to enjoy their lives.

I have changed what I DO quite a few times but it always has the same message and the same purpose.  To create beautiful things that bring joy to people and help them feel empowered and proud of their life and business.

I IMPACT and bring JOY to people who engage me to create a beautiful brand that aligns them with their business that makes them also FEEL GOOD, feel empowered and proud and allows them the freedom to enjoy what they do.

I am so into the strategy of it all as well – to bring into alignment the perfect offers that someone sells because it comes from within them.  Then i design the shit out of it because that’s what I do – create beautiful things that bring joy and empowerment and makes the lives of my clients better.

Mission accomplished!

It’s time to choose JOY
Choose what YOU get to do with your life!

Live your life on PURPOSE!

If you are wondering, what YOUR purpose is and how to figure it out, and ‘just be happy’ isn’t quite the complete answer for you, then I invite you to send me a PM.

Let’s open up a conversation and try to figure it out.

You see, my purpose, along with creating beautiful things, is to help YOU extract and figure out your superpowers and your PURPOSE so you can then live ‘happily ever after’ in JOY and make and IMPACT because you are doing what you truly love to do… what you were meant to do.

That is my special superpower!  The power of extracting your superpower and designing a brand that is in alignment with that.

So, again, you and me, 1:1, cracking that shell and extracting your superpowers and passion and figuring out your purpose so you can make an IMPACT, live JOYFULLY and be free doing what you love and making money doing it.

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